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This was a great piece that created a larger whole for any who dare to read it and the previous 2 parts.

Regarding Klein and Germany. What does this mean about her appearing to be in sync with Mr. McKibben. Obviously the climate activists are a group that must appear to be in lock step with each other on a point that is patently untrue.

From all the points and statements Klein has been making since mid September there was no way I was going to be reading her book. It's surprising/shocking that what she's written is in such extreme direction to what she's been saying. Which does she really believe, perhaps both, and holding both views is a huge case of cognitive dissonance.

It raised echoes of memories of the years when I would share the events of my weekends with my co-workers, but consciously worked to either avoid using pronouns or keep things really general so as not to out myself. It's all so long ago in years, but the memories remain. A painful and energy intensive task.

I made several attempts to bring the information regarding Germany and the fantasy that the country is going "green" with energy generation to Robert Scribbler's blog. I was evicted from posting as sending any information that tries to pierce the "group" think of the blogger and his followers was met with expulsion. They don't want to hear from another country that will challenge what they believe.

What happened to me there is not an unusual occurrence for me, but it's why the entire situation continues to head in a direction that most claim they don't want to go; yet they wait for "them" to fix everything with some new kind of technology.

Try raising the point that Gay Marriage only benefits the few (like the founding fathers), that it does not even begin to address the issue of the constant rise year after year of teen suicides. It was only in the last week or so that the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, decided now was the right time to announce to the world that he was "proud to be gay." What I'm curious about is whether he was proud in all the preceding years then why the long silence? Was he trying to avoid labeling as Gore Vidal had stated all of his life?

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