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j. moses

t.j. may be more right than even he realizes. yes, we are just a bunch of monkeys, or equally true, a population of bacteria. the process of population growth, overshoot and die-off is characteristic of all organisms. why should homo sap be different?

the one real difference between humans and other animals is our, admittedly limited, capacity for self awareness. i.e.: we know what's coming even if we can't do much about it. this is only a tragedy if one suffers from the peculiar form of egotism that is anthropocentrism.

i'd love to see an actual dinosaur, but the fact that they have gone extinct does not constitute a tragedy in anyone's mind (except maybe a few dinosaur besotted 6 year olds). if homo sap exits stage left that's no tragedy either. evolution didn't start with us and there is no reason to believe it will end with us either.

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