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Thank you so much for this and the previous essay - I'm humbled by how much work you've put into this after being so hacked off that you nearly quit; and extremely grateful to what/who ever persuaded you to keep going.

Mike The Father

Well Dave. This is most absurd notion in the history of ever. Therefore, this can not be true. Sadly. I make like of this. As it seems so true. Great work. The inevitable demise we face as a spicies of this planet falls on cognitively deaf and blind people. Myself included. FUCK.

Dave Jewett

Great article, Dave. I've been following your blog for a few years now and this one's heavier than most. After reading it, this sober alcoholic almost said, "fuck it," headed on over to the local bar to get shit-faced drunk, then walk into the desert never to return. Almost.
Other than sharing it on my Facebook profile (where it seems to be promptly ignored by 99.9% of my friends), I wonder what I can do?? I'm returning to school next year to pursue a degree in psychology, but essays such as yours cause me to ponder "Why bother?? Why should I pursue a career in a field of study that will help humans continue their folly?" Dave, I very much respect your opinion. If you have any advice for me, please, give it.

Dave Cohen

Dave Jewett --

Don't start drinking again! -- not if you have problems with alcohol.

Don't change your plans because of what I've written here. I always urge you (or others) to try to live the life you want to live. After all, that's what life is for. Life is there to be lived.

If 99.9 per cent of your Facebook friends ignore stuff you consider important, well, that's a problem, isn't it? That's what Flatland says will happen, and that's what does happen.

But even the kind of isolation implied doesn't have to stop you from trying to have the life you want.

Remember, just because humanity is driving off a cliff doesn't mean there isn't time to do some living. Even if things get worse faster than we might anticipate, there's nothing to be done about it, so anxiety about the future shouldn't drive your choices.


-- Dave

Dave Jewett

Thanks, Dave. I'm not going to drink, it's not the answer. Nor is running away. I just gave a quick synopsis of your article to my friends daughter, a college student, and one of the smartest kids I know. She gave me a shrug, and said that she has other issues to worry about. I replied that this is definitely an issue that affects her. Another shrug. *sigh* Flatland in action...

Dave Cohen

And one more thing, Dave.

I write this stuff exclusively for people like you. Clearly I'm not enriching the lives of those living in Flatland.

So I appreciate it. Thanks.

-- Dave


Dear Dave,

Incredible effort, but maybe you should've held off a bit longer.
Seems the noble Mr. Nobel has ridden to our rescue. First, Obama brings us
peace, and now, Paul K. shows us the opportunity for prosperity
that climate change represents. Oh joy!!



Oh, does this require a sarcasm tag?


I have followed your work for some time but do not post or comment usually.
Thank you so much for your work and time putting such amazing posts together.
I just wanted to say that, growth isn't our primary driver, growth is a by product of it. Human beings are driven by the urge to consume.
Look at us, even when we are full, when we have all basic needs met, we look to consume even more.
Advertizing, big business, politics, religion, all know this and use it.
Eventually, when we have consumed all we can, we will consume one another.

good luck to you in all you do and again, thank you.


That youtube video "What we are" seems pretty apt after this. We really aren't much more than a bunch of monkeys.

j. moses

t.j. may be more right than even he realizes. yes, we are just a bunch of monkeys, or equally true, a population of bacteria. the process of population growth, overshoot and die-off is characteristic of all organisms. why should homo sap be different?

the one real difference between humans and other animals is our, admittedly limited, capacity for self awareness. i.e.: we know what's coming even if we can't do much about it. this is only a tragedy if one suffers from the peculiar form of egotism that is anthropocentrism.

i'd love to see an actual dinosaur, but the fact that they have gone extinct does not constitute a tragedy in anyone's mind (except maybe a few dinosaur besotted 6 year olds). if homo sap exits stage left that's no tragedy either. evolution didn't start with us and there is no reason to believe it will end with us either.


Dave - For some days I have been stumped for words having read Part II. All I can think is: 'Brilliant'.

Thanks also for your pithy comment: ...anxiety about the future shouldn't drive your choices. I found that soothing.

All the best, Oliver

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