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As you have pointed out many times, economists are, taken as a whole, delusional mystics convinced of their own superiority and of the "science" of their mysticism. That these people are allowed anywhere near the leaders of anything is probably as good an indication that Flatland exists as anything else. For what rational beings would place their faith (and it is faith) in a group of people whose theories are largely based on assumptions that are demonstrably false in the real world, whose predictions have been shown to be spectacularly wrong (and consistently so), and who believe that when the theory meets reality, it is reality that must change. Only in Flatland.


"Despair" is an emotion, which is a valid response to the thought, "impossible to break the link between economic growth and ever-rising emissions of greenhouse gases." It's a little weird/manipulative to use an emotional response to label a logical position.

Sounds like another case of, "it makes me feel bad, so I disagree."

It doesn't matter how many wacky concepts you call $ and include in the GDP. If there's energy lying about it will get used. Energy intensity of the GDP changed in the 70s during the oil embargo because there was no other choice.

CoolPlanet technology supposedly can generate high-octane gasoline and biochar directly from wood, corn cobs, etc.
If it actually works, it sounds fantastic. Google is investing and other heavy hitters:
It's carbon negative, because you take the biochar (fancy name for charcoal) and put it onto crop fields to improve the soil. Full stop. This is where the fantasy starts. The technology is being promoted as if it will never occur to anyone to make the 'biochar' into pellets and sell it as fuel. This is like assuming a piece of candy of the floor of a kindergarten will not be picked up and eaten.


Thanks Dave for the 'hat tip", and the repair work on my awkward

I stubbornly flail on this mortal coil in the hopes to see
some terrible punishment inflicted on what I once thought was
willful ignorance, but now more and more appears to be willful
idiocy. Maybe I'll yet see the rest of Paul pull his feet six feet under that ground they now hover over. Oh sorry, that wasn't very nice.


As a follow up to Brian's comment...

Don't place faith in human beings
human beings are unreliable things

It's sad, really, seeing Krugman and so many other techno-utopian halfwits splashing around, grasping at straws, not unlike the drowning victims from the Titanic. It would seem Agent K was mostly correct, "...the only way these people can get on with their happy lives is that they DO NOT [want to] KNOW ABOUT IT!"

Alexander Ač

Thanks Dave!

Moments ago I clicked on DOTE I shared this Krugman's masterpiece on facebook, with a really desperate comment. It is hard to describe how someone can be as much ignorant about his own ignorance.

One could call it metaignorance. It is beyond my ability to describe it, but actually it IS described in almost every article here on this blog.

But Flatlanders don't care. They even see that describing the reality is dangerous. And on this particular matter they are right. It IS dangerous for them.


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