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Great article, great chart! I have never seen a clearer picture of the effects from Rabid Ronnie's trickle down (from the urinary tract's of the rich onto the subservient peons) 'economics.' Will the somnambulant masses awaken and actually do something about this? I find it extremely unlikely. If 'we' did decide to take the required measures to correct this travesty, e.g. eliminating certain genetic material from the pool, DHS and their jack-booted thugs would find 'reason' to use all that hollow-point ammunition they've acquired. Alas, poor Carmen, we knew her not at all and she has sacrificed so much for so little. Thankfully(?!) the human experiment on this rock is near its conclusion. Yet, if a call to action does arise, I nominate this ditty, from The Coup, as the 'battle-hymn.'

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