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Rob N. Banks

A question I've pondered from time to time is "How hard can you fuck a stranger in the ass?" The general American public is pretty good about taking a good pounding for a long time. By and large, we've been getting hammered hard since the late 70's/early 80's. Outside of some useless protests, acts of vandalism here and there, and lots and lots of talk, there's been very little action. I can't say I have a good answer to that question.


In these 13 pages, you have deftly laid out for inspection the entrails of what used to be the Beacon of Freedom for envious foreigners (albeit a facade for millions of downtrodden US citizens.)

I have the dubious privilege of having continued the constant emigration of my ancestors, departing the USA as a child of parents whose own parents fled the pogroms of Eastern Europe for the so-called Land of the Free. I have therefore been able to watch from more of a bird's eye view the wholesale disintegration of the ideals of the United States. (The morals of the governing class have always been suspect to my mind, and greedy capitalism has hardly ever been anything but rife. Even Johnson's War on Poverty sat horribly awkwardly with his genocidal escalation of the Vietnam War. Hey fellow Americans, let's save a noble American ghetto baby from hunger but let's kill 100 commie gook kids.)

That being said, from the perspective of our age group, we have witnessed a fall from grace that implies previous greatness. The greatness was wrapped up in opportunity - the opportunity to "succeed" and "get rich". This opportunity is just about extinguished now, at least for those unwilling, incapable or too honest to thieve like the sociopathic morons in Wall Street and DC. That "the opportunity to become wealthy has always been more important to Americans than how the wealth is distributed" persists is just an overhang, because the unconscious general populace haven't woken up to the post-1970s annihilation of the American Dream (a house of cards in reality) by the Greed Is Good Brigade of Robber Barons.

I'll shut up now. Brilliant dissection Dave, as always. Keep chiseling away. While the internet persists, you're leaving a trace that not everyone in this pathetic species is deaf, dumb and blind to Reality.

Alexander Ač

Dave, thanks! I have to go through it carefully.


Dave Cohen


I fear I have moved too far beyond my readers here, and did so previously in the first essay.

The mainstream media lately has been filled with talk with inequality, a trend which started with Obama's speech about it on December 14, 2013 (linked-in above).

But without some understanding of how we got here, at least in the United States, all that inequality talk is simply sound and fury signifying nothing, which on a more superficial level, of course, it is.

-- Dave


@Dave - yep, ...sound and fury, signifying nothing.

That is as apt a summation of the trajectory of human life as anything expressible. I'm guessing that on a 2014 quiz show less than 5% will know who wrote those words. (And c.4/5th of those 5% will only know because of the 'magic' of google.)

Keith Grennan

Brilliant. I really appreciate your writing. Please keep it up.


Great work Dave,

At what point did rampant greed become a virtue? The level of self justification required is staggering in its tautological complexity and it seems language itself is the greatest armour against common sense.
What about all those being left behind? They are outside the frenzied lust and accumulation. They are outside and can only look on with growing despair and envy. What happens when rage supplants helplessness?

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