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I am several decades too aged to say "wow" but WOW! What a delight on this Ishtar Sunday* to read a forensic analysis of the fatal flaw that lies at the root of human misery - which is our (for want of another term) inhuman nature.

We of a certain age, who experienced that blip in inequality (in reality it was mostly imaginary) when it seemed that normal people could just by working hard get on in life, shouldn't waste energy feeling aggrieved. As you cogently point out, the shit in the 'shit happens' school of life is the norm going back 10,000 years at least. Fighting the norm is tilting at wind-turbines. And it is insane to believe that anything much can or will change in this natural order.

Darwinism is the culprit. We're nothing but a survival-of-the-'fittest' beast in emperor's clothing.

* Thanks for the antidote to the sanctimonious piffle on the airwaves today.

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