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I am several decades too aged to say "wow" but WOW! What a delight on this Ishtar Sunday* to read a forensic analysis of the fatal flaw that lies at the root of human misery - which is our (for want of another term) inhuman nature.

We of a certain age, who experienced that blip in inequality (in reality it was mostly imaginary) when it seemed that normal people could just by working hard get on in life, shouldn't waste energy feeling aggrieved. As you cogently point out, the shit in the 'shit happens' school of life is the norm going back 10,000 years at least. Fighting the norm is tilting at wind-turbines. And it is insane to believe that anything much can or will change in this natural order.

Darwinism is the culprit. We're nothing but a survival-of-the-'fittest' beast in emperor's clothing.

* Thanks for the antidote to the sanctimonious piffle on the airwaves today.


Thank you for pointing out in great detail why inequality in complex societies (Tainter reference not coincidental) is inevitable and historically ubiquitous. As someone else noted, this is a refreshing blast of truth in the face of the silly handwringing in the MSM.


Dave, for whatever it's worth (probably more or less what you paid for it ;-), I think this is simply as fine a piece of writing as you have ever done. Just an absolutely awesome dope-slap of reality. Great!

Koon Yeow


I know that this is not the right thread to comment, but thanks for the post above, Dave. It will serve as my lighthouse.

I'm just someone who is striving to be a realist and I follow your posts closely, though this is my first comment.

You are the most honest person I've ever seen on the Internet, the second being perhaps Paul Kingsnorth.

Thank you, Dave, especially your realistic and scientific studies of Human Nature.

Mike Roberts

Dave, sorry for an off-topic comment but I thought you might be interested in this fairly new piece of research by Boyce, et al, in case you hadn't seen it. They were the ones who "showed" that phytoplankton had declined 40% since 1950. This new study waters down their original estimates. There is a PDF which seems to include that study in Chapter 4 (I don't have access to the published research). Although they claim that the results are "similar" to their earlier paper, they don't see declines across the board and say that the declines are "statistically significant" in 62% of the oceans.

It seems that whilst there should be cause for concern, the massive declines seized enthusiastically by the doomers, turn out to be less than massive.

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