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Alexander Ač

Hello Dave,

don't know if this slightly off-topic comment will make it through, but here it is:

Today I have finally reached the Dave Cohen's (and final) stage of my "climate activism". It has ended. Why? Here is the explanation for those few interested people:

I put a question to the IPCC discussion board: "40 years ago Club of Rome concluded economic growth is not sustainable. That was shocking. For 30 years we know we are in ecological overshoot. Why are we even discussing economic growth?"

Answer from european commisioner for energy, Connie Hedegaard, was something like this: "One cannot negotiate economic growth. There is no such an option."

Given this, an many other things, I officialy end the former days of my (blogging climate and energy) activism.

Yes, we ARE screwed (in case you had some doubts).


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