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Alexander Ač

There you go, I lost that filter many years ago as well. Not that I asked for it.

That definitely and significantly reduced my "competitiveness" among Flatlanders, but I dont care anymore. Let them fight among themselves...

At least I can ignore usual insignificant bullsh*t that keeps Flatlanders bussy. In fact I can laugh at them.



This entire post is priceless. And right at the top of this sparkling pyramid of truth is this gem: I could become a Buddhist and dissociate meditate all day long.

After today's anguishing ten hours of reluctantly contributing to the destructive, malevolent shit that humans do (guilty by association, your honor) I am laughing like a looney at that razor-swift demolition of smug Buddhists who believe they've got it sussed.

I thank you for reminding me what hilarity is.


Good Morning Dave,

Odd thing...yesterday I ran out of coffee filters.

Fabulous video...haven't listened to Metheny in a long while and especially loved the dancing.

Otherwise it remains the same as it ever was.

Best Regards & Be Seeing You


To me, these stories all seem to have a theme...

"white collar" criminals (bankers) are above the law ... people cannot be trusted with money or power.

bug in the SSL (https) protocol... people cannot be trusted with privacy or technology.

100th anniversary of World War I... people cannot be trusted with things that go bang or boom.

"stabbing spree" at a local high school... people cannot be trusted with sharp objects.

Or, do I owe homo sapiens an apology?

Robert Arrington

Humans are wonderfully efficient in their ability to immediately disengage the common element of "being human" from whatever level of distaste they may have for the myriad forms of self-destructive behaviors exhibited by the species. It's those "other" kinds of humans that do this horrible stuff not the ones like "me" or "us"-and if we do something destructive it's because those "others" make us retaliate so they don't take over and ruin everything-for us "good and decent" humans, that is. This view is, of course, pretty much universally held. The gut-level dishonesty that goes hand-in-hand with solipsism and megalomania-two syndromes common among Flatlanders-is the vaccine against admitting that what humans tend to do is make huge messes which would deflate the human ego to an unacceptable level; that is, denial of the validity of self-worship.

And Dave, you are quite right. The loss of filters, while usefully enabling one to view a reality unavailable to most humans, tends to generate uncomfortable levels of anger and disgust at times, hence my efforts to maintain a sarcastic perspective on human activities as an outlet.

Mike Roberts

Gosh, this is so true. I seem to have lost those filters too. I seem to see everything for what it is (or what I think it is) and it annoys the hell out of my wife because almost everything annoys me these days. It definitely hinders one from being an integrated member of the society in which one lives and it's almost impossible to watch the TV (even the news, or mostly the news) without wanting to throw up or throw something at it. Luckily, I hardly watch TV these days.


@Mike - exactly. It's somehow calming to belong to the same tribe as you. Dave has done a great job providing a forum for us weirdos.


That American flatlanders should take Buddhist thought and turn it into a practice that looks like dissociation is no surprise.

One of the many types of Bhuddist practice is insight meditation, which can be very painful because you are staying open to whatever comes up, no matter what it is.

One's own filters are the hardest to see clearly.

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