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Come on now Dave! I think you are seriously underestimating human beings. My observations clearly indicate that Americans (like people everywhere) very often have both a docility problem AND a stupidity problem. There's no need to arbitrarily limit human potential by labelling the species as being capable of having only one problem. We have the ability to have many, many, many problems... all at once.

Rob N. Banks

And my friends are surprised when I tell them I don't vote. Bunch of suckers.


The cruelest joke is actually that we ever thought we lived in a democracy, when all along it's been an oligarchy in whores' clothing.


As somebody said on this topic a week ago, political scientists have discovered that the wheel has a round shape, and now they are going to find out if the flame is actually hot.

Julian Bond

So what are the preferences of the average American (or WIERD Citizen) that are being so assiduously ignored?

Speaking personally, all I want is comfortable shoes, to be warm, dry and fed and to have a plentiful supply of distractions. /s

Robert Arrington

Dave, thank you for quoting a post of mine in this edition of DOTE.

I would, however, like to clarify something. I wasn't referring specifically, or exclusively, to Americans in the mention of Stockholm Syndrome. Consider your next paragraph

"But in my view, it is also inevitable that the vast majority of humans will gladly accept an inferior position in an apparently stable social order, and will thus endure all sorts of punishment before rebelling against it, as Thomas Jefferson noted in the Declaration of Independence."

This is a rather astute observation of how human societies have structured themselves throughout history-the difference in America, as so often pointed out by the more fervent fanatic believers, is that it is indeed the "greatest country in the world" in some ways-mainly in self-delusion and the acceptance of its own megalomania generated mythology as a substitute for observable reality.

When I used the term "Stockholm Syndrome" in this instance, I was referring to humans in general as opposed to those of us, like yourself and the readers of your wonderful blog who, for better or worse, have escaped what seems to be an innate feature of homo sapiens that just happens to be most profoundly and majestically expressed in these United States of America.

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