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Taking up your invitation, I have a suggestion on how to involve the F35 not just in the study of ocean acidification, but also towards a remedy.

First, the inventory:
- 19 x F35 jets, each fueled with 1/16th of a tank of aviation spirit
- 535 members (sic) of Congress, hyperventilating with ego
- 535 x 2 lungs of hot air (vital capacity c.5 liters gas comprising c.60% hyperventilated oxygen)

Now the methodology:
- Place 28.16 Congressmen inside fuselage of each F35
- Dispatch 19 F35s from Edwards Air Force Base, California towards Fiji
- Pilots eject into life-rafts prior to ditching F35s when fuel is depleted
- Deeply immerse in the Pacific the receptacles containing 2675 liters gas x 60% oxygen = 1605 liters oxygen
- Oxygen injection starts process of de-acidification

Okay, it's not much, but it's a start.

Robert Arrington

The question of how to get people to "care" is the normal one-their wallets and bank accounts-as alluded to in the following quotes providing a teaser of how this gubmint expenditure is likely to be justified to a "don't waste my tax money on something that doesn't help me in some way" public.

"As the ocean absorbs the carbon dioxide we put into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels, the carbon dioxide is changing the chemistry of the ocean and adversely impacting marine life. This is already having serious economic effects on shellfish growers and others who make their living from the sea. This money would help us better understand the problem and devise solutions that protect coastal economies."

"That plan came out last week. It covers everything from the biogeochemical (how fast are we losing important carbonate molecules in the ocean and how does this matter to the organisms that live there?) to the socioeconomic (how are communities who depend on these organisms going to be affected?).

" Business-science partnerships are already bringing economic security to coastal communities."

(Always a good idea, partnering science with business to make sure that the results are economically...uh...justifiable)

Oregon State University researchers began working onsite at Whiskey Creek Shellfish Hatchery years ago, creating an academic-industry partnership model for tackling ocean acidification by tracking the problem and giving hatchery managers the power of prediction and adaptation."

We aim to protect yore livelihood by figurin' out ways to keep that wonderful supply of fish and shellfish maintaining its availability to businesses whose profitability might be hurt if supply diminishes enough to make it (gasp!) unprofitable (ugly word, son,... ugly word) to stay in business-you don't wanna lose more jobs do ya? Hell, we might even be able to create more jobs, son, ain't that what this country needs?

Oh, that other suff, that whole "ocean as carbon sink" thing? Well, that's just them "Chicken Little-the sky is falling" nuts tryin' to keep us from findin' profitable ways to exploit them live products we make money processing and selling-and did I mention they're renewable? That's why we got hatcheries, son-we can make more!


Study the issue to identify a potential problem to get sufficient money to actually study the problem.
Once the problem is firmly understood, get industry funded study that shows seemingly different results.
Study the problem again.
Recession. Stop the study, create jobs.
Re-start the study. Find out it's too late.
Start a new study on how to reverse the problem. Adaptation.
Find out you can't. Do another study.
People forget that there use to be fish in the oceans...

A Farewell To Kings

How about bombing the shit out of the Arctic ice this Spring so it floats away? Voila, more ocean requiring more budget increases, generously funded by "research" foundations. Findings report date TBD.

(place an OWS tent on the ice somewhere if easily identifiable motive is required to commence bombing)

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