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Taking up your invitation, I have a suggestion on how to involve the F35 not just in the study of ocean acidification, but also towards a remedy.

First, the inventory:
- 19 x F35 jets, each fueled with 1/16th of a tank of aviation spirit
- 535 members (sic) of Congress, hyperventilating with ego
- 535 x 2 lungs of hot air (vital capacity c.5 liters gas comprising c.60% hyperventilated oxygen)

Now the methodology:
- Place 28.16 Congressmen inside fuselage of each F35
- Dispatch 19 F35s from Edwards Air Force Base, California towards Fiji
- Pilots eject into life-rafts prior to ditching F35s when fuel is depleted
- Deeply immerse in the Pacific the receptacles containing 2675 liters gas x 60% oxygen = 1605 liters oxygen
- Oxygen injection starts process of de-acidification

Okay, it's not much, but it's a start.

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