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Dave I would like to go record as being who has received and understood your message. I also thought you like to know that next month the pope of climate confusion his holiness "Wild Bill" McKibben with be in Honolulu next month. If coming out here from Vermont is in "Wild Bill's" personal carbon budget, I guess for his holiness the sky's the limit. I must admit to being disgusted but not surprised, to see on the back of the "The Sixth Extinction", the "Mckibben seal of approval". Balancing that out for me was the T.C. Boyle blurb. I think the correct dogma is to refer to a "rogue industry" i.e. the fossil fuel industry. But what can one expect from the Rogue Primate -- http://www.amazon.com/Rogue-Primate-Exploration-Domestication-General/dp/1550135082 -- but rogue action. Well if "Wild Bill" is going to be out here I hope at least he will condemn the massive building boom that is presently occurring in Honolulu. How that is happening some time after, Richard Heinberg came out here to inform us all about the imminent"End of Growth", is anybody's guess.

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