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It's a little amusing to see a person declaim absolute truth and then posit an absolute prescription for action. What a blind spot!

Let's play pretend. Let's say that climate change, ocean acidification and the other various existential maladies we've wrought have come to a head, and the world government (let's say there is one) and the balance of people on Earth have seen the light, because it's no longer avoidable. We're fucked, scientists say. Most of us are going to die, quality of life is going to fall through the shitter and we're more or less going to end up back in the stone age with a mere tiny fraction of the current population.

We have to do something!, the world government responds. We can't, say the scientists. Too late, it's baked in, the time's over. Wait!, exclaims the government, we can geoengineer a way out of this mess! That's a really bad idea, say the scientists. We don't recommend it.

But of course they do, because you have to do something(!). Hope and action are always better!

And we end up killing the entire human race.

This is just a very silly, simple little thought experiment, but even it demonstrates that hope and action (ACTION!) aren't necessarily always better.

Incidentally, kudos on bringing things back to your old WYSIWYG paradigm for assessing our species. I always liked that one and was glad to see it mentioned again.

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