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Fucking humans with their survival of the 'fittest' antics. So wonderful to behold.

You may have already read of another Wall Street character Sam Polk who has spilled the beans, this time openly:


One sentence says it all: Polk describes getting angry over a $3.6 million bonus because it wasn’t big enough.

God bless his gold lamé socks.


"...where everyone sits together and perspective goes out the door..."

Immediately grabbed my attention. Great phrase, that..."where perspective goes out the door". So I googled it. Over 44 million results with no exact match. It's a keeper. Thanks Oliver & thanks Lauren Lyster.

Of course, perspective never "goes out the door". It's all we have. It's all there is. The world is made of perspectives...like multi-dimensional & multi-leveled Matryoshka Dolls (thanks again Dave).

Some are almost infinitesimally SMALL. And that's Narcissism.

"Smaller and smaller and smaller
Then small becomes all becomes all"
Faith No More


It's not just that it's "all about me". It's that they don't give a rat's ass about anybody else, anybody else's moral or ethical or legal values, or the impacts of their actions on anybody else.

The line between Narcissism and Sociopathy is remarkably thin.... these people are way over it.


In an unregulated society, those who have, have an unequal advantage over those who have not, the more they have, the bigger the advantage.

As G.C. said. "the earth will be fine long after we are gone, the people are fucked. The earth will be fine, the earth... plus plastic"

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