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Brilliant deconstruction.

Like all assholes, these particular assholes wouldn't even make the grade at the Soylent Green processing plant. Which makes them surplus to requirements in all possible futures.


I got a good laugh from your last sentence there. Thanks.

Mike Roberts

Yes, Dave, getting rid of this lot would do absolutely nothing to better the behaviour of the other 7 billion left behind. In fact, there is no way to do that. As you say, with humans, what you see is what you get. It may be that a die off to a few thousand mating pairs might give the impression (if there were any intelligent species to give the impression to) of a less crazy species but even that would be an illusion.

Sometimes, nature doesn't work out too well.


I'm sure this is just more crap to pile on but:

They have a private bus fleet out of San Fran and it takes a mock-google monkey to expose their crap:


And since this is where the best monkeys congregate, Yahoo and Facebook and others are recruiting more monkeys at the google bus stops:


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