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Dave - I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart (not sure where that expression came from.) Why? Because in this essay you have reinforced the high wall that separates me from the species to which I apparently belong.

In the video, Timothy Caulfield (ostensibly an academic) says that, "Everyone is fascinated by pop culture... everyone follows it... even if they don’t want to admit it."

Well, that confirms it. I am not a member of the 'everyone' he talks about. I detest celebrity culture as much as I detest seeing innocents slain by neo-fascist-capitalist-war-mongerers, and my opinion of those who 'follow' celebrities is somewhat lower than my estimation of the odor of a public toilet that has not been flushed for a month.

If the definition of humans is that they are hard-wired to trust and obey charismatic authority figures, then I am delighted to be an aberration in a biped shell.

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