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Jack Lindstrom

Dave-- I just discovered this blog last night after googling something like "no hope in humanity" (haha) and am thrilled you're still posting and have new posts open to comments! :)

I would love to go on and on about this blog as a whole (I read it for hours last night), but I'll restrain myself in order to stay on this post's topic.

Given other posts and your general views on humanity, I find it kind of funny that you say "what with humans finally losing their grip altogether." I got the sense from your other posts that you're of the opinion that humanity never had much of a grip to begin with (i.e. that that's characteristic of human nature).

Are you saying that human nature is particularly bad right now because it's leading it to its own demise, which is hasn't before? This is really just a quibble, but it seems like humanity hastening its own end has only revealed a limitation of human nature that we perhaps did not have much opportunity to notice before (a latent characteristic, as you might say) rather than indicating a recent change in human nature for the worse.

Thanks so much for keeping this blog up! For what it's worth, this one person found it enormously thought-provoking and influential. :)

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