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Nice post, thanks for highlighting the WSJ op-ed.

Here are a series of non-germane news items that I think you'll appreciate as potential fodder for future posts, Dave.

(1) Grist, "Researchers kill oldest living animal to verify it’s the oldest living animal, "http://grist.org/living/researchers-kill-oldest-living-animal-to-verify-its-the-oldest-living-animal/;

(2) Yale 360, "U.S. Crushes Six Tons of Illegally Trafficked Elephant Ivory," http://e360.yale.edu/digest/us_crushes_six_tons_of_illegally_trafficked_elephant_ivory/4002/ ;

(3) Prof. Turley's blog, reporting on the Guardian story, "Indian Railway Officials Refuse To Slow Trains Through Elephant Reserve . . . Train Strikes And Kills Seven Elephants and Injuries Ten Others In Single Accident," http://jonathanturley.org/2013/11/14/indian-railway-officials-refuse-to-slow-trains-through-elephant-reserve-train-strikes-and-kills-seven-elephants-and-injuries-ten-others-in-single-accident/ .

And so it goes.

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