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Dave - this superlative piece really gets to the heart of one of my favorite subjects (it comes a close third to Multiple Male Orgasms and the Pink Floyd lyric: Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way.)

I've always loved the idea that we weird creatures would one day make contact with others "out there" - if only to receive a swift kick in the nether regions for being so goddam conceited.

But from what you've shown here, we're no doubt looking for evidence in the wrong way, for the very reason that we are stupidly modelling extra-terrestrial intelligence on our supposed intelligence.

In my experience, a great number of Homo callidus couldn't locate evidence of a donut from sugar crumbs in the bottom of a paper bag. Apparent scientists who have suspended scientific rigor owing to their ultra-optimistic anthropocentrism (and anthropomorphism) are unlikely to know what they're looking at if their instruments capture some ET output that is off the scale of these human scientists' "intelligence".

All that being said, I remain extremely interested in the concept of ET life. I work hard to keep alight a little flicker of a fragment of a molecule of hope that there's intelligent (i.e. sapient) life somewhere in this cwazy universe!

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