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As I read through this, various thoughts flashed through my mind...

Has there ever been a situation in recorded history where human beings, on a large scale, voluntarily changed their behavior, for the long term, in a way that required real self-sacrifice? The two that people always come up with, WWII and the CFC/ozone, are not really applicable. The first had a) an indentifiable, in-your-face enemy (as you point out in this essay), and b) a relatively short-term exist strategy (win the freakin' war!). The second didn't actually require much in the way of meaningful behavior change or sacrifice, at least by The People (perhaps a few manufacturers went out of business, but life went on with behavior pretty much unchanged).

I can't think of any examples.

The reason, I suspect, is the obvious one.... there are no examples. Humans. Do. Not. Do. That.

Or, paraphrasing Friedman, "Stupidity is everywhere and always a human phenomenon."

P.S. - For what it's worth, seeing the unread entry in my reader made me smile. I always enjoy the read, regardless of the nature of the subject matter. So, glad you're keeping busy. Thanks. Enjoy.

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