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"In the modern era, the idea of the unconscious begins with Sigmund Freud. Here is the important text."

Now this is just false. It is not well known, but nonetheless true, that Freud plagiarized many of his better ideas, and most especially those relating to the unconscious, from Schopenhauer. I know you have written on Schopenhauer before, so I wanted to let you know of this. Freud is an entirely overrated figure and Schopenhauer and underrated one, even among professional philosophers and psychologists today and not just the layman.

I would be curious also to know why you find determinism, which you mention in the last part of your post, to be dangerous. To me, and Einstein as well, it is quite comforting in a way: to know that one can expect certain things from our species and nature at large is a humbling, not a dangerous, notion.

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