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Ken Barrows

Elites are generally (even) more deluded than the rest of us. I imagine Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein go to bed each night thinking they are "wealth creators."


...show me a Big Cheese, the Big Kahuna, the Head Honcho, the Top Dog, and I will show you a hopelessly irredeemable asshole who stepped on countless people...

That there is the fuel that will keep me laughing (and therefore breathing) all weekend. Thanks friend.

PS - Dad, if you're listening "up there", read the bit in italics.

John D

Spot on. Pyschologists have long understood that a desire for wealth, status and material gain is an underlying part of the entreprenuer's pyschology.

Have you ever seen the documentary 'Queen of Versailles'? It's about an entreprenuer who created Westgate Resorts. He became a billionaire, building an incredible mansion and lifestyle. In the market crash he lost it all, down to being kicked out of his house. At the end of the movie though, and after all the heartbreak for him and his family, he vows that someday he will once again have the largest yacht in the marina. Did this idiot learn nothing?


My dad and older brother are elites (very successful), but they're not particularly conceited, well, at least they don't appear that way to me. I will say that my older brother can be insensitive and ruthless at times though. However, I have been around other elites who seemed to be completely self absorbed, believing themselves to be Gods gift to humanity. That their position in life wasn't preordained by familial affiliations and nepotism, that they deserve to be where they are. I don't get along with those motherfuckers very well, which can cause ... problems.


El Mono Poco Egoista

Recently made available in English, this fine documentary nicely supplements this week's posts..."The human being is the self proclaimed king of Creation"

The Selfish Ape: The Tribe of Suit


If you're wearing a suit, you're in uniform.


@Diogenes - I rubbed my eyes several times, but I kept reading it as The Selfish Ape: The Tribe of Shit.

Ergo: If you're a wearing shit, you're uniform.

Cheers! (Raises virtual glass in virtual air)


Before the man-ape fell into an extra helping of energy and resources he was contented to have the biggest feather in his hair or perhaps the best hunting acumen. Now that he/she has been released into a seemingly unlimited energy/material environment, all out prik-o-mania has ensued. A single person in our neighborhood is now building an 8,000 sq. ft. residence on the most visible lot available and they have two other equally impressive homes. This won’t end until these preening cocks devour the entire planet. Will their mating plumage be an advantage when the rules of social interaction take a more aggressive turn?



That works for me...

"Here's to us and those like us" (Raising my very real Monster M-80)

Be seeing you...

John B. Waldron

"There's no escaping the Human Condition, and Progress is a myth"

Take a look at Detroit, a prime example of human over-reach. Detroit is the future as we continue to use up all the resources. Notice who is left behind, not the elite.

Dave Cohen

Re: El Mono Egoista (Spanish documentary)

Yeah, the English narrator is a little breathless, but maybe I'll just put that up tomorrow. I don't feel like posting tomorrow anyway.

-- Dave


I'll go on a flight of fancy.

When it comes to the visions of Ray Kurzweil's 'immortality by 2045' in a sort of Borg utopia or Aubrey De Grey's version of permanently ending aging, my first response is a deep shudder.

I know in my mind that humans playing with biotech and robotics isn't much different than a hundred monkeys banging on a hundred typewriters for a hundred years. I know it's highly unlikely these things can really come to pass in at least a meaningful timescale to us, but I know what would happen as a result.

The ONLY thing keeping humans modest in the slightest sense is death. Even the most conceited and arrogant know it's coming, and that knowledge provides virtually the only boundary towards their actions.

Besides that, such a tech would almost certainly only be available to the very wealthy - the very last people you'd want to have it. Imagine a deathless ruling class, amassing fortunes and power over millennia. It's bad enough as it is, with the wealthy inheriting from their wealthy parents for generations.

The image of the vampire comes to mind - a literal parasite, feeding on the rest of society, deathless, ageless, evil to the core and wholly unconcerned about it.


Sorry to see DOTE is closing next week Dave. Your recent posts since the announcement have been particularly enjoyable, today especially. You are a good writer and an outstanding analyst of our world. I hope there is a publisher out there who recognizes this and gives you the opportunity to share your views at length. If not, then I'll envy the people in your personal world who still have access to your daily ponderings. Seriously, best of luck!

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