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I guess we have seen the writing on the wall these last several months. I appreciate what you've done, and I hope you'll continue in some capacity. I understand the feeling of futility, at least in some respects, and while you may not have achieved the outcome you anticipated, you did manage to educate a few thousand of us, many of whom were fairly well educated to begin with. Will look forward to reading your synopses. If I lived within a thousand miles of Pittsburgh, I would very much like to buy you that beer.



I'll be sorry to see you go, but can totally understand your frustration. If I had the time, I could write 1,000 responses a day on misinformed, misunderstood news and blog reports and would barely be scratching the surface of the utter crap that is out there. And many of the authors get paid to write this crap!!!
Frequently I can't finish many articles because they frustrate me so much with their wrong data, bone-headed conclusions and techno-optimism.
Frequently I don't join in real-life conversations because people just don't understand the problems and don't seem to think they should even try to.

Bring back fact checking! All writers using incorrect data / not checking their data should be heavily fined!
Down with delusional statements of provably false beliefs!

And while I'd love to meet you for a coffee, I don't drink the stuff and I live in the uk! So I'll have a lovely cuppa tea over here and think of you over there.

Oh, one last thought, have you ever considered mentoring young adults? Although they can be (very) annoying, the satisfaction that can be gained from remedying the nonsense that is stuffed into their heads at school and teaching them how to THINK can be immense.


"That's one thing the asshole couldn’t do was see. It needed the eyes. But nerve connections were blocked and infiltrated and atrophied so the brain couldn’t give orders any more. It was trapped in the skull, sealed off. For a while you could see the silent, helpless suffering of the brain behind the eyes, then finally the brain must have died, because the eyes went out, and there was no more feeling in them than a crab’s eyes on the end of a stalk."
William Burroughs...The Talking Asshole Routine from Naked Lunch

Doesn't describe the Dave I have come to know...the Dave I have taken to heart.

As ever, I am much obliged.

Matt W.

Whelp. Thanks for all you've done Dave. If you are game, I'll buy you a beer (or five). Name your bar. Jesus. This blows.

Shawn Terrell

I hate to see you go Dave. I've been reading your blog every day for a year or so now. Your writing has turned my perspective on the human condition around from one of optimism that humanity had the potential to come to an agreement on a way to deal with all these problems to one closer to acceptance that we just don't have it in us. The only hold-out of optimism I have is that somewhere, somehow small bands of humans will survive to see the results of all this and will maybe even aware of what happened. Then perhaps they can truly teach their children well. I'm guessing you would call that bullshit. That's ok it really doesn't matter anyway. I'm going to miss checking in here each day. Your writing provided a sense of shared experience and perspective that I simply do now get anywhere else in my life. Best of luck to you and yours.


I am sorry to hear this. I value your voice and will miss it. I hope your mental and physical health improves after stepping away, and at some point before The End, you return.

Compound F

compile a CD.


Dave, all the sentiments expressed by others I share. Especially Matt's-WV is only a few hours from Pittsburg, if you and pick the day and time, perhaps I can join you. And while beer is good, this occasion calls for a fine Scotch...as the patrons wonder why the old farts in the corner are in turn weeping, and ROTFLTAO as my taught me to text! (Sorry Matt, you may not be an old fart!)
And Dave, although I've said it before, this jazz (and music) lover appreciates your posts and excerpts musical-this tells me more than anything you aren't an asshole, but just another human in whom sensitivity hasn't atrophied, thus all the other sentiments you shared today.
As for the next 3 weeks, I will do my best to join in the conversation, as it will be sorely missed. But even if you post once or twice a month, it will be appreciated!

Ken Barrows

I live in Denver, so if you visit Boulder, I'll buy the beer. You can say I'm an idiot, too.

I had an exchange at The Automatic Earth which was enlightening to me. I was giving my innocuous comments about GW. In return, I was questioned about whether oceans were warming and sea levels rising. When the ones debating cannot agree on a single fact, it's all pretty useless, right?

Juan Pueblo

Hi Dave,
I guess this was bound to happen. I always wondered how long your blog would last. All things, both good and bad, must come to an end. You will be sorely missed by this reader.
I gave up on making an effort very early in my life; that’s why I read a lot and write very little. My wife and I decided to live childfree and I had a Vasectomy and no children. We now spend most of our time sailing, kayaking, fishing, and camping in South Florida and the Bahamas and only work part-time during the summer in Miami. We are poor, but happier than most people. You could consider a similar approach to life.
The world won’t get better, people don’t change. SAVE YOURSELF. Try spending more time outdoors to fight your depression; it works for me.
With my best wishes for your life after DOTE,


Just walk away. Of course you can't unknow what you know, so you will always be itching to get back into the game. It won't change anything. Find something else that you enjoy, and enjoy it while you can. It was an interesting ride.


I read last night that The Oil Drum is shutting down this month and now today that DOTE is ending in July, too. Two of the most forward thinking websites in cyberspace on our bleak future both calling it quits in the same month. Perhaps July will mark that moment in time we really start to cascade downwards.

Great blog, Dave. You will be missed. Best of luck on that interesting life. Just be careful what you wish for, it might get very interesting very soon. If nothing else, at least we live in interesting times.


One last thought. Before you go, perhaps you can set up a Twitter account and post your observations on the human condition on occasion. I'm sure there will be enough shit happening to piss you off to the point of "tweeting". I'd be your first follower.

G. Shon

Dave...I will surely miss your writing DOTE. Your audience has been honored with a writer who brings his authentic self to the keyboard nearly every day. I'll personally miss those insightful satori moments when you've connected the dots in my head that I've been carrying around for years. If I may make a recommendation, maybe you could set up an email list so that when you feel like writing, an audience would be available. Vaya con tu Dios

Kevin Paulsen

Hi Dave,
I found DOTE a couple of years ago.
Your ability to strip mankind of hubris and folly has changed my outlook.
I'm not happier, but I'm pleased to be aware of the 'Shit Show' playing 24/7 all around the world.

Thanks for the front row seats.

You will be missed.



Dave, it has never been a waste of my time to read what you write. I made the time to check every day and I would think often about a point you made, turn it over in my mind. Your thoughts interested me.
They still do, I will be here every day of the three weeks notice for I will take what I can get and you are willing to give.
If I had the fame and publishing contacts to give you, I would, though all things considered, it might destroy the very quality that is so interesting.
I have sympathy for your despair, we all know that the circumstances discussed here are dire and unlikely to improve. I found comfort here for my own despair, distant company is company nonetheless. Thank you.


I can see your point Dave. I am actually pretty sad to see the blog end. Just because Emmot has written a book doesn't mean he has been understood, even though he is at a level below you and a few people who visit your blog.
All the best.


I will say it simply: thanks for everything. It's been a privilege. I look forward to this last month of regular essays, and will send another donation your way in return for all the excellent work you've shared.

Do what you need to do, Dave, but I wish you no despair or regret. You're very much appreciated.

Godspeed, my good man.


This really sucks. First The Oil Drum and now Decline of the Empire. We must be in the End Times for sure.

John D

It was a good ride. Take a break, enjoy life a bit and let the world descover how fucked up it is at it's own pace.


Dave, it really does sound like you need a break. Take it, and do something fun and interesting. Maybe go to the beach? That's always my solution, kinda cheap but it works for me. I know it might be a trip for you.

For what it's worth, I think you have covered a lot, and very well. That Emmot gets fame, and you've been missed, probably has a lot to do with who he knows and the people he hangs out with. If he had come to the opposite conclusion, he would probably STILL have been successful. One of the hard lessons of my life is that ability is worthless without connections, and connections alone can make someone for life.

Anyways, take care of yourself. There are lots of interesting things to do out there. Sometimes we go the wrong direction, thinking this or that will work out well, and it just fizzles - for me, it was going to grad school that was a complete bust and made me deeply unhappy, and I am much happier now that I am out of it. Best of luck.


Dave, you’ve been rolling this stone uphill a long time now. It’s a heavy burden for any man to carry.

I want to thank you for clarifying the following:

It’s easier to maintain a fantasy than face reality.
Technology is not the cure, but it is often the malady.
People get the government they deserve.
Media does not exist to educate.
False hope powers a world without limits.
Profit trumps the environment every time.
Men are not above the animals.
Insanity knows no bounds.
It’s not a good idea to shit where you eat.
You can’t get something for nothing.

DOTE is no exception on that last one. This blog has been a daily dose of sanity, but I see we’ve been leaning too heavily upon you. All of us need to summon our own courage and speak up in favor of reality—perhaps there is no reward in that but to show that not all of us were ignorant and unaware. Nature will have the final say and this current foolishness will not be tolerated indefinitely.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for sharing your journey. As well, I want to thank the commenters on this site. If there is any redemption to be found in the human race, it is certainly among this group.



rich E

Hey Dave..been reading DOTE for a while and I appreciate your effort..You are right next to the New York Times and all the other INFO on my iGoogle page.. I would like to suggest you open up your site to other contributors and take a deep breath..you have helped many of us to come to grip with a frightening reality..please continue to hold our hands. After you have food and shelter..happiness is on you..you have a great purpose here..try to set aside your need for acknowledgement and realize you are serving a great purpose and we really need you..you'll see this after you rest for a while..thanx again for your great contribution..come back soon.. older wiser and more compassionate..it's the only way..trust me on this one..tell the truth long enough and your word will become law..

Mr. Roboto

I don't blame you, Dave. Society sees what it wants to see and hears what it wants to hear, and most voices who try to tell it that it's prancing down the primrose path to destruction are promptly and efficiently marginalized. Do what you have to do to take care of yourself.


Well, Dave, I'm sorry to see you stop, but I do understand the sentiment (even if I've never gone through the exact same thing).

Maybe you should just take off for a while. There are still places on this planet worth visiting and seeing, places that humans have not yet gotten around to completely destroying. Maybe it's time for you to follow some advice you've given plenty of times... look out for yourself, enjoy the people and places that you can while you can, and try not to take the rest of humanity too seriously since you can't really change them anyhow. Maybe you can become the roving DOTE reporter, traveling lazily around and occasionally reporting on whatever good you find (okay, possibly very rarely ;-) or whatever else moves you, then moving on.

Or maybe such a life has no interest at all. Fair enough. Whatever you choose to do, I wish you luck and whatever happiness you can find. For what it's worth, and that would probably be what you're paying for it, your presence on the web may not have mattered to the masses, but it mattered massively to the few. You may have been hoping or wanting to do a big thing, but you succeeded in doing a good thing. That, in its own right, is worth something. And it was appreciated by those of us who read your thoughts.

Thanks and best of luck.


One by one, the lights go out and the darkness consumes the good, the bad and the indifferent without favor.

Dave, you have shone a steady strong light on reality for a long time, and the fact that you are not lauded or rewarded by the media & publishing cartel perversely provides PROOF that what you reveal is The Truth.

I've said it in a roundabout fashion more times than is sensible, but I feel privileged to have shared a cell with you on Death Row for these many months. I feel a real camaraderie with you and a number of visitors to DOTE, because despite our shortcomings at times in fully grasping your points, I feel sure that we are among the few still walking the planet with sufficient capacity to both understand and accept the just desserts that Homo sapiens is now reaping.

Your decision to ease off in your daily postings is completely understandable. It is kind of eerie though, reminding me of the last few pages of Nevil Shute's On The Beach, which I first read forty long years ago while enduring a bout of Glandular Fever.

Whatever you do to get through the day, please never forget you made a huge impression with DOTE - and fuck those too obtuse, lame-brained and egomaniacal to hear you. To bend another analogy, you've been the clear-sighted Lookout pointing out the massive iceberg in the distance, the ruling class is the drunken captain too far gone to hear you, and the MSM has been equally cloth-eared as they report on the inane minutiae of deck quoits.

Te saludo.



Your blog has often been a beacon of light in a sea of bullshit that passes for reasoned commentary. While I am saddened to hear that there will be an end to the blog, I am not surprised, as it is indeed a very rational decision.

Hope to see future posts in some capacity from you.

Ray Blaak

I will be sorry to see you go.

Don't give up on a book for a lack of a publisher though (although do bail on the book if the stress would be too much!).

Due to eBooks, self-publishing has never been more doable than in the last few years, it is arguably better than going with a publisher in terms of long term success.

Look up the Amazon and Kobo self-publishing programs. If you can get a book uploaded, as long as you show up in the same kinds of search results that would pick up "Ten Billion" you find your audience. Offer it for cheap, even free once in a while, people will find it.


Even the folks at the oil drum called it quits.

There's only so much you can do, and there's only so much blogging you can do. We are still finding our way around this thing called the internet.


Dave, wish you the best on your future endeavors in life, time will prove this blog as an important contribution to the ongoing discussion of collapse, thanks for helping to tear down the wall.


Hi Dave, I discovered your blog a few months after you started it and have been a regular reader ever since. I've always appreciated the breadth of the subjects you choose to write on and the clear-eyed manner in which you discuss them. I share your pessimism about our future. I wish that you do find an interesting life that allows you peace. I've enjoyed your sense of humor, too, and wish you a future with enough laughs. Best regards, Dennis

Robert Cook

The Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life


I feel you Dave. It's ugly out here for the thinking man....

Beyond all your essential commentary about our common plight, I will miss your musical recommendations. Love the "remedy du jour", man.


OK, time to post something that isn't just snark. Sorry to see one of the 5 other doomers with a sense of humor retire. ;) At least you're not announcing that you're becoming everybody's fucking Psychic Friend like that huckster piece of shit Savinar! Who was also good for some gallows humor. We need that. Well, I always appreciated it. Do a Kunstlercast. It's his podcast, if you don't know. Haven't followed much of the Doom for a while, really. But always enjoyed hearing what you had to say. Always ready to call bullshit on somebody, in so many words too. Take care, this is a good idea really - horking your fingers typing this stuff up every day just won't do. Cut back to every month. Savor the moment.


Thanks Dave, it's been a wonderful learning experience reading your blog.


The unfortunate thing about humans is that they have evolved to be cancerous, to escape the controls imposed upon them by their environment. Each new technological development allows population to expand and growth ensues, more energy is entrained and complex innovations result in even greater growth. The cancer spreads. If we had never evolved to be cancerous we would still be living in harmony with other cellular organisms, having never gained the advantage granted by novel information and associated tools and growth infrastructure. We’re not yeast in a vat, we’re cancer in a body. If small bands of humans survive this assault upon the ecosystem, it is likely they will still use tools to maximize their consumption of whatever remains of life and useful resource gradients.

I always thought that if I could figure things out, to have a better mental model, to be one in one hundred million that I could write a book and be entitled to some reward from society. But my observations tell me that the reality knit together in most minds is the one that most satisfies their limbic systems, and in most cases it is only remotely reflective of a reality disciplined by scientific and philosophical inquiry. Most minds are narrowly trained and many highly credentialed ones cannot see the broader picture or admit a negative view.

Perhaps you should jump into the cancer, even at this late stage, and create some dopamine releasing pablum for the feel goodies, get the nitro you need to get out. Write a novel with sex and politics and all of the other gush so highly valued by the limbics or a song that can give them an unforgetable dopamine high. Life can still be interesting even while on the run from the tsunami of consequences that will envelop us. I intend to zig-zag my way to the most confortable and undetectable refuge possible. I certainly don't want to be branded with a Jack Kevorkian type of notoriety by the cancer agents and be snuffed for interfering with their dreams of ever increasing lifespans, eternal afterlife, growth and technological advancement.

Mike Roberts

Well, though I'll be sorry to see this end, I'm looking forward to the next couple of weeks as you summarise what you've been writing about for the last few years. I hope that summary can be preserved for others to find.

Thanks for sorting out my mind and making me realise that there is no way that humans are going to get themselves out of this mess. The only things that are now holding me back from joining the NTE crowd is that no one can foresee the future (except in broad terms) and climate science isn't a complete knowledge.

I don't know if that Emmott book has the obligatory hope section but he obviously hopes that its publication will start a real debate. However, I've read a few books along those lines and yet the debate never starts outside of blogs like this or forums that gel around books like Emmott's, so your blog is no different, in that respect.

Might you resume your science journalism? I remember reading an article by you in New Scientist (I think). Is that an avenue you can get back to?

In any case, thanks again for what you've done and I look forward to the next two weeks' posts and, hopefully, occasional articles thereafter - wherever they may be.

Eric Thurston

Dave, I'll be sorry to see the decline of DOTE, even though I caught the lash of your whip a few times in the comments. I've learned a lot here. Good luck in whatever you do.

Alexander Ač


great many thanks for what you have written and done. It is not possible to express how usefull it is, as well as it is not possible to express how ignored your blog is. Bad for humanity.

I have come to the conclusion, that this world is not really for good souls. Good souls are ignored, hated, ridiculed, shot. When they are proven right, they are always denied that they even existed.

You know "nobody" could possibly see this coming. Well, nobody, except the realists, who are tiny in numbers and ignored completely. Most people would die in shock if they realised what they are truly doing to other people and life on Earth in general. You wrote that.

You wrote everything what we need to know to understand our inevitable pathway. There is no real life after DOTE (and for dedicated readers neither). There never was. But everything else is just a waste of time.

Thanks and good luck with whatever comes...



Outstanding body of work on DOTE, Dave. You should be proud of your effort. You've at least gone on record warning people about the disaster they are creating. You can live in good conscience, even if the reality you've brought to light in your work reveals a sense of futility about our prospects, because there's no higher calling in life than to deal with the truth of our existence. Without truth, any love proclaimed is of a diluted form at best. I can sense the anger and depression you have about the world situation. I'm afraid I'm there with you on that, and it's not a fun place to be. I believe it's because you care so much about the beauty of the natural world, and are distraught at seeing it strangled by the driving forces of your own species. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's what I sense from your writings. I hope you can come to some sort of peace about it all. I certainly have no advice to offer. Indeed, I'm struggling mightily myself with such things, with no end in sight. I've been checking your columns out of 2-3 years now on a regular basis, and will continue to do so until the end. I wish you the best.


Dave, I am breaking out my secret stash of hopium about the next three weeks. But, no matter how they pan out, I simply do not possess the words necessary to express my gratitude for what you have accomplished here at DOTE.

Yes, yes I understand that DOTE was a failure in achieving the goal you set for yourself, and may I add it was a most humanly understandable goal even for one who is so uncompromising in spelling out the fatal flaws in our human nature. If anything, if there was any decency or basic sanity, in our so-called free-society, your stalwart truth-telling should have guaranteed you what you so desired "an interesting life". No such luck.

I was angered but not especially surprised to read about your receiving "hate mail". My heart goes out to you, for declaring, that despite the frustration you feel in going on blogging, that you face life after DOTE with "horror and terror".

To paraphrase the Bard, may it be said of David Cohen, that he blogged not wisely but too well. Of humanity may it be said, they like the base Judean, threw a pearl away richer than all their tribes.

The best to you.

Aloha 'oe hoaloha ...


Roy Ramage

Hi Dave - from down under.
I am relatively new to your writing and have settled in to reading you regularly. I was one of those hoping to organise a mass technical answer to our dramas. I always had a nagging feeling that no matter how I pushed it - it was not going to work. You and others have reinforced that view. While I have not given up entirely, your reasoning has greatly influenced the way I now work with people. The beer down here is better than stateside and I would be delighted to shout you a couple. You might even care to stay over in the secret retreat I am developing. Thanks for your efforts.


But Dave, you are leading an interesting life. We are living at, arguably, the most interesting time in human existence.
And you are, arguably, the most aware human alive to take advantage of that fact and revel in the midst of it all.
Things happen, both trivial and monumental, but none of it really matters.
Learn to enjoy the ride. You have friends everywhere.
Thanks for everything.


Dang. Now I am going to have to figure out what to do with my additional five minutes of free time every day. But seriously, I do like your unvarnished approach to social & scientific commentary. As Harry Truman used to say, "They think I'm giving them Hell. I just tell the truth and they think it is Hell." Best wishes.


Dear Dave,

I understand your frustration and despair. I recently came to the same conclusions, via The Burning Platform blog.

I concluded that humanity as a whole is fucked. There will be no collective evolution for humans, but I think some small groups of humanity will survive and continue, but only after a great fall from the heights of technology and energy use.

If you want a visualization, think The Walking Dead - small groups banded together attempting to survive.

Even in this scenario, individual spiritual growth will continue, which is really all you can hope for.

Seeing humanity as a whole evolving every upwards was always a collectivist utopia, in my opinion. Even within large groups of humans, it is still the individual that evolves spiritually.

The bottom line for me is this: I have a son. I hope he and his progeny survive. I continue to prep our home for our own survival (although I do everything I can to reduce, reuse, recycle, etc., ad infinitum). I cannot worry about the entire world.

I have lots of guns, ammunition, gardens, etc.

Some people will survive. Most will not. C'est la vie.

I think once you let go of the hope and desire for the entirety of humanity to continue you will find you are free of your frustration.

Besides, who wants to see a human race survive that is full of obese, ignorant, pigs?


Dave thank you for this blog, it's been an oddly grim pleasure, but a pleasure nevertheless, reading you over the last 3 years.


I'm late commenting because I needed to think through this response. I have been reading your work daily for some time. It is unique. You meticulously martial current facts and data to support your observations. You really are as much contemporary historian as blogger. I have watched you compile what I perceive to be an unerring assessment of current conditions human, economic and environmental. If I were looking back through time to try to figure out how my current circumstances had come to pass, I would hope to find everything you've written.

Your sense of humor is entertaining. Your curmudgeonly outbursts are intimidating. You lament that you are not more widely read, but life is long. There have been others who have understood and articulated "the big picture" in whatever their field of expertise, who have had to wait for long times for others to catch up/see the light. Artists who created over a lifetime but weren't immediately appreciated. Some are never thanked, but are remembered long after.

I read other commenters resigning themselves to your throwing in the towel. I can't support that. What you have done here is vital. No one else is doing it with a clear head and without preconceived notions about end times or revolution or what have you.

Could you lighten your burden by publishing a new piece weekly and recycling existing work with updating comments in between? Also, what else would you like to do? I think you should travel some perhaps. I don't have money to send you right now but I do have frequent flyer miles that I would give you if there is somewhere you'd like to go. I'm not sure if they are transferrable, but I can check.


Thanks for your insight. Helped keep me sane in this insane world.

Best wishes and godspeed.


I can understand your decision, Dave. This blog must take an enormous toll on you - it takes its toll on me, and I'm only reading the damn thing. Your writing engages me viscerally in a way that no other blog does. It forces me to confront uncomfortable truths that I've kept in my peripheral awareness for some time, and sometimes I'm just too churned up inside to comment after pondering the message in your latest post. That's powerful writing, and it's a veritable rarity in these times.

I hope whatever you choose to do brings you some fulfillment. Your recent exchange with Oliver several posts ago brought a tear to my eye, and caused me to ponder once again the connection between suffering and wisdom.

Like most(all?)of us, I'm surrounded by people who are either blissfully ignorant of the ecocide they are complicit in, or are wedded to the technofix. In a reasonable world, they would be considered insane. Your blog has been a sanctuary of sense and provided some respite from the non-stop assault of bullshit in one form or another. All the best, and thanks for your honorable work over the last 42 months.

M Mahin

Thank you very much for writing, Dave. I have enjoyed your posts for a long time. Good luck in all your future enterprises.


I swear this is really the title of an article over at HuffPo: "8 Ways to Cure Over-Thinking and Regain Your Happiness" Maybe the author is on to something?

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