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So, can I check to see if I am getting this?

Our religious impulse, along with our technological, social and other impulses may be buried in the unconscious (as a consequence/effect of our genes?) but they are then brought to light by our conscious mind, interacting with the environment, as an emergent behaviour?
That is to say, we need to be optimistic to function, or we need to be social to breed, or we need to make tools to survive. So, these interactions with the environment act on our unconscious and results in the behaviour we all know and love.
If we didn't have a buried technological impulse, then we wouldn't have iPads, or be able to crack open nuts. We wouldn't have gained an evolutionary advantage and we'd still be living in trees.

Nothing is learned, it's all there to be brought to the surface. If nothing is learned, then nothing can change.

If it's all due to our genes then everything is down to randomly joined base pairs. Which it is, of course.

I don't find this depressing, I find this liberating, if anything.

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