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Jeez Dave, we can have a field day railroading... er... hyperlooping Musk right back into oblivion whence he slithered.

1. Musk noun - A greasy secretion with a powerful odor.

2. The Laws of Thermodynamics - does the boy wonder have any concept of energy returned on energy invested?! Self-powering transport??! Putting solar panels on it??! His mumbling and stumbling all through that interview with PanderDaily speaks volumes.

3. Twice the speed of aircraft??! That would involve sonic explosions that have to dissipate somewhere/somehow. But he avers: "It will never crash" blah blah blah.

4. It would cost much less than any other mode of transport??! Pull the other one, Elongated Ego Man. Talking of legs, fuck me, my own limbs have apparently priced me out of the moving around game.

5. Jetson Tunnel... hmmm... well, that sycophantic host clearly offered hers to the poster boy, even asking him if he's ready to retire (with her presumably).

I can't sit still with the excitement - on August 12th I am having a lobotomy and I shall be donating all my extracted unconscious bullshit to the Musky Foundation for Youthanasia on Mars.

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