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I think this is pertinent:


Dave Cohen


Thanks for those quotes. Arthur knew what he was talking about.

In fact, I changed the introduction to this post.



-- Dave


I am reminded of the scorpion and the turtle.

"It's my nature.", said the scorpion. We are what we are.

Compound F

"My Fellow Prisoners..."

-John McCain

Adios, Dave. It's been good reading.


From my perspective, what you have done with DOTE is exactly what Schopenhauer meant with his compassionate suggestion that attempting to reduce misery for fellow-sufferers is a rational response to the tragedy of existence.

He too used to growl occasionally at people who offended his intellect - especially those who made noise with their mouths without bothering to think first. Famously, this included a woman gossiping loudly outside his door, and to whom he had to pay infuriating reparations for many years. But his writings have given more comfort to the small audience who "get" him than the label pessimist would indicate.

So, Dave, on the eve of your freedom from daily commentary on the (in)Human Condition, I'd like to say thanks again for the comfort I got from mingling with you and other readers here and learning a hell of a lot about what matters. In the final accounting, not much really matters of course, but communing with fellow occupants of Jailhouse Earth does.

A bientôt, pas adieu.



I tried blogging and writing oped columns for a few years - from 2008 through 2011 - none of my work as insightful as most of yours - and gave it up since one can only state the facts so many times. Writing for the Vail, CO paper was fun, since some of the readers were the 1% - but ultimately, fruitless. People ask me sometimes why I don't write for the paper anymore. I tell them that nothing's really changed and I just can't repeat myself. Even though peak oil's a thing of the past (I love this new meme, proclaimed literally at the peak of oil production, from the top of the plateau!) Even though the north pole is a lake again this year, already, as if that's been normal over the past few thousand years. Even though, well, look at any issue and find real improvement - one can't.

The schizophrenia of modern times was never more apparent to me than last weekend when I took the train - a 25 hour trip today compared to 16 hours in 1960 - and visited Chicago to see my son. There was a "food festival" taking place in Grant Park and it seemed the entire 4 million people of that metroplex were downtown, wandering about aimlessly, texting. Women were lined up 10 deep at the checkout counters of the bargain clothing shops along the Miracle Mile. I felt like I was in a zombie movie - but realized that this is the total reality for a vast number of people. It shook me a bit more than I expected.

I'll miss your thoughts on the actual reality. I wish I'd been in a better place so I could have contributed more than the $50 or so I've sent per year. I wish I'd have gone all in on a Dow ETF when you wrote in 2009 that the Fed was going to make its last stand defending the stock markets. I really wish I'd done that! But I can't blame you for backing away from this venture. You lasted a lot longer than I did at it.

My Best Wishes in whatever comes next for you,


James S

It's too bad you are going offline, but I an understand why. Do you have any recommendations of writers or bloggers that are "partially conscious"? I know you like Kunstler for some reason, although he strikes me as being somewhat bigoted at times, but who else is out there? I think you totally misunderstand a certain Russian engineer and have not really read his work, but I won't mention his name... At the risk of bringing down the lighting bolts of disapproval, here are two people I think get it - John Michael Greer (aka the Archdruid) and Morris Berman.

Dave Cohen

@James S

I published your comment -- I have a filter on "archdruid" -- but I will not be taking the bait.

Morris Berman is an interesting case, but like John Gray, he seems to have little or no understanding of the science of climate, the oceans, etc.

That's mighty peculiar for someone who earlier in his life was a historian of science.

Otherwise, in his latest incarnation, Morris is a lot like Chris Hedges but much, much smarter.

-- Dave


Yep. That's all I can really say here - yep.


I'll miss your posts, Dave. You are able to articulate so much better than I an accurate description of what I see around me.

Humans have a flawed, self-destructive nature, but it has been made so much worse by the Bernays legacy of brainwashing. We have a culture that teaches us pure "me-ism" and to express ourselves through consumerism.

Cue your theme song, Timbuk 3 "Future's So Bright"...

Jack Jones

"The power of accurate observation is frequently called cynicism by those that don't have it"

I'm gonna miss you. Thanks.


Your posts seldom fail to invoke a tune or two as I ride along...

"Let me break it on down:
It's the fucked up shit"


Gonna miss these rides...truly


I have read your posts for a few years and they all have have a bracing, refreshing quality that comes with not flinching from the truth. I will miss your commentaries. I also keep in mind the epigram, "Respect those who seek the truth, beware of those who find it". How to balance one's perceived superior insight without descending into arrogance and contempt? I don't know. In addition to the compelling content, I also find that your engaging writing style helps the unpleasant medicine go down more easily. Best wishes.

Alex Smith

Dave I've been just an occasional visitor to your blog. But now as it ends... maybe you'll become even more valuable, like the work of dead painters?

I've been doing amateur radio for a bunch of non-profit stations, mostly about climate change. The climate may be changing, but we are not. Once you've seen the coming catastrophe, the "zombie" craze seems easier to understand. It's everything and everybody - an ocean of meaningless words followed up by the most destructive action imaginable.

Last week I listened to a jock telling his buddies about plans to fly the entire family (over 50 people)to Hawaii for a big wedding. I thought "Why not just buy little gravestones for your grand kids while you are there?" No clue about carbon damage.

Even when people are flooded out (Calgary, oil capital of Canada) or burned out, even when they suffer inside little air-conditioned rooms, they buy a big truck and shop like always. They can't help themselves.

Still, I think I'll keep on communicating, partly because I can't shut up. I'm not convinced you can either. We'll see.

Thanks for what you've done.

Alex Smith
Radio Ecoshock


I'm gonna miss reading your stuff every day. You probably have seen how I tend to wish people would change, even though I know they won't. It's refreshing in a way to get rid of the blame and just see it like watching a dog chase his tail.

We have such a range of human activities and human societies, but ultimately the "victor" is the one form of society that has spread across the globe. The 'consumer' society. That shows us something about our species.

If this is the ultimate form of human endeavor, it is a crazy one. We really are self-destructive. This site has convinced me that it was inevitable. I will miss your writing, at least partly because it is reassuring to know I'm not the only one who thinks this is insane.


Dave, all the above comments express my appreciation so well. Cue up a Graham Parker or Richard Thompson LP, light one up, and know you'll be missed!

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