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enjoy your blog. Hope you keep it up


That Business Insider slide show is a combination of wistful reminiscence and hopeful fantasy. There have been many exceedingly favorable trends over this last quarter millennium, and if you don't focus on the last 10 years, you get a rosy picture. The energy graph is magical. Off I go to invest in "Other biomass" and "Other renewables". Of course, I'll owe you a 10% finder's fee for this info, Dave.


I enjoy reading your site. Sorry that I'm more of a lurker than a participator and somewhat broke at the moment.


Present and correct, sir!!!

Wolf Blitzer...has the consciousness of a primordial flatworm hahaha

Wolf Blitzer...has...the intelligence of cauliflower HAHAHAHA

Like the flatworm, Wolf has a mouth, a gut, an anus, and several neurons which regulate them AHAAA-HAAA-HAAAAAAAAAAA!

Such belly laughing. It's enough to get me producing another batch of 100% biomass.


I found your blog about 2 months ago. I look forward to reading it every day.

I loved your take on Ben Bernanke. He's such a weasel.

I found your blog indirectly, by reading a reader post on either enenews.com or on ex-skf. I'm bummed that your site traffic is falling. Maybe people are burning out on caring. Being a realist requires effort!

Be proud of your work, Dave. It's top notch!


> What's wrong with the forward-looking part of this
> fantasy chart? What does it tell you? More importantly,
> what doesn't it tell you? 100% of what?

You caught the catch (no pun intended, or is that some other kind of play on words?)

I like your blog a lot, and I lurk regularly, but lately you do seem susceptible to cornucopian BS about the death of peak oil. Good to see you swinging back the other way.


The Age of Contraction chart you posted is useful for plotting the baseline population decline over the coming decades. Multiply it by your favorite climate change factor, and you can write the next set of prophesies as an addendum to Wolf's favorite book.

Snark aside, this is how new religions evolve. Once the faith in progress fades, and the childish human minds that feel the need to color in all the spaces inside a square discard such totems in disgust, they'll be looking for some other vessel into which to pour their hopes & dreams.

If history is a decent guide, an amalgam of current superstitions will form the poles of "good" and "evil", rather than something new being invented out of whole cloth. I'd still have to roll the dice on which ones end up where.

A good candidate, however, is fossil fuels themselves being branded as "evil" or sent from Hades itself. The capitalists who sat atop the vast pile of ill-gotten wealth as a result? Anti-Christs.


Hello Dave,

I appreciate the hard work that you do to bring us great content. The sad thing is that I'm one of those people the Republicans are looking forward to killing off since I live on SSD and Food-stamps and am barely surviving above the level of poverty.

It's unfortunate that most people aren't interested in facing up to our dire situation and skip over a blog like yours instead of carefully reviewing the solid case you make about our situation on earth and our need to face up to ourselves and take constructive action.

You have pointed out very well so much about humans that I'm sobered to the point that I can only conclude that the motto of the human race most likely is "Tell me the truth as long as it's what I want to hear."

So, please, Dave, keep on going and give us your perspective. I check your blog every day.

Thanks and much peace to you.

Dave Cohen


Imagine that. You saying that I'm susceptible to cornucopian bullshit...

Will wonders never cease?

Any, do have an argument you might bring to bear on the subject of peak oil that I do not already know about? Do you have any data with which you can show me the light?

Or, are you merely susceptible to Doomer bullshit, as so many people are?

-- Dave


Dave, IMHO, your blog is probably the best one out there concerning the issues we face today. Your approach comes from wisdom and common sense, and has many times pulled me back from the brink of complete doomerism. Every time I read your posts, I feel as though I have learned something new. I am continually linking to your posts on my Facebook page (The Folly of Man) and profile. I know from experience that it can be frustrating that it seems as though you have no impact, but we must keep plugging along, changing hearts and minds, opening eyes, hoping those we affect might do the same. Peace of mind be on you, and for gawd sakes, keep up the good work. We need you, brother!!!!!


I am remiss in responding to your comments, but I read them every day. Sometimes I read the text from a RSS feed. Does that trigger your count? IDK

Please keep it up, I hope Wolf Bluster is reading this now....

Tenney Naumer

Dave, I sure hope you do not stop writing. We need all the sane voices we can find. Things are probably cooling off because the election is over. They will pick back up again. I am taken to putting keywords in the links to my posts -- they seem to get more hits in search engines that way. There is also a way to embed keywords in the code for the images (but I have forgotten how to to do that -- you have to put it in the html code somewhere).
Hang in there, please!


What a great graph. I love the question marks in its notations. Age of Renewables... maybe? We know what's going to happen, we just don't know how. But it'll happen!


Read thebear: http://forum.lowcarber.org/showthread.php?t=287013

Get your bicycle legs back.

Stop seeing the world through a windshield altogether.

The country HAS been destroyed. A done deal is a done deal.

Ken Barrows

This "God" has it pretty good. Things go well, he gets the credit. Things go poorly, thank him you're still here. Kind of like Bernanke.


Hello Dave. I come to your site regularly. Maybe just because I meet very few Daves in the "real" world. Maybe I just need a little validation or an injection of sanity. Our world has become a clownshow ride that seems to lurch ever southward. It's wheels are coming off and there are hardly any breaks left as the thing picks up speed. Still, so very many people that I meet seem to be mesmerized by the shiny lights and the loud music. so, "its all good", right? Yeah. Sure. Through it all, you have been a fellow witness to the crazy house festivities. And, your writing is damned good. You offer insights and tips and courage and wisdom. You never needed to type a single word. But you did. Thank you for that. I try to pass some of that on when I do meet the few with eyes to see.

So, I hope that you don't stop blogging, I have seen so many great blogs fade away or die from burn-out in the past few years and there aren't many left now. Maybe that is just the way of all things. In any case, if you choose to spend your time in pursuits other than banging your head on the wall, then I certainly understand and wish you the best.


I read your Blog every day. Except for remedy du jour, I automatically assume I don't share your taste in music. I've been reading since your post on cornocupians can't subtract and doomers can't add. That was a good one, I kinda liked the oil watch you used to do, because you tied together whats happening in the world of oil, but trying to use that to explain the price was obviously futile.

I guess if Wolf had told me to thank the lord, I would have had to explain to him that the lord was a bigger terrorist then the Boston bombers and London stabbers by far. That would have been worth watching.

Anyway, I'm an exister, cheers for the blog. It's opened my eyes to how blindly optimistic we are as a species. Looks like even the 'golden age of gas' is over. I guess there are more then 31 charts that will destroy your faith in humanity, based on historical evidence of course, not the more popular version of wishful thinking.

Ryan Brooks

He seemed a little shocked for a moment when she showed that she was willing to stand by what she believed.



I'll comment about the IEA chart and why it's BS. It shows energy type percentage instead of total energy amount (BTU) with types. The latter is the only important thing, and the IEA knows damned well that any chart that shows declining total energy in an era that is projected to see increasing populations and an ever-growing economy is a big no-no.

Besides that, though, it's a clear acknowledgement of not only peak oil (by 2020), but peak coal (by roughly 2020) and gas (by roughly 2060) as well. And they don't predict natural gas will pick up the slack to a major degree for declining oil and coal usage. They cover all this with the percentage-only chart and how it leads one to conclude that renewables and biomass will handle any and all needs. I find it very interesting that they project no increase in nuclear (conventional or otherwise).

I certainly hope you continue posting, but none of us are in your shoes. Thanks again.


This peak oil "debate" is like so many others. People see it dichotomously, as if it must be one extreme or the other. They apportion themselves into "camps" and cast the moderates into the opposing camp. If you criticize either extreme, well then, you must be an advocate of the other extreme. Don't believe that a catastrophic energy collapse is coming before the year's out? Well, you're an endless energy techno-optimist. Can't both be wrong (they are human beings)? The energy future can be bleak without the most dire peak oil scenarios playing out.


Addendum to my comment: IEA/Citigroup, same diff. They're both just economists maintaining the Grand Illusion. Also, the chart shows declining oil, coal, and gas before 2100. I call this 'peak oil/coal/gas'. No doubt they would call this 'energy substitution' by renewables and biomass. What they're most likely intending to suggest is that renewables and biomass will become economically favorable to oil/coal/gas, which means their prices will rise much higher than renewables and biomass (and unlikely because of people worrying about climate change and being willing to pay more for less powerful energy sources). Again, same diff. Ever increasing prices in fossil fuels are due to production costs rising and/or production not meeting demand at best, or declining production, at worst.


It is still possible for someone with a job to imagine that everything is fine, in fact most jobs require that you at least pretend everything is fine. When the intersecting crises of population, resource depletion, waste mismanagement, climate change, and corrupt leadership cause economic pain that cannot be pretended away, then people may become receptive to those who speak the truth. Of course the truth will then be competing with even grander delusions. But the wobbly scaffolding under those delusions will be increasingly hard to conceal. At that point, those who speak the truth will have a chance to be heard and to influence behavior for the better. So you have to keep blogging on the chance that your unique insight may prove to be our salvation.


Dave, I look forward to your post every day, but seldom comment. I read it on an RSS reader that picks up the whole contents, so I sometimes click through to get the comments as well as the post, but I do not always do that. Do your stats capture your RSS followers?

Eric Thurston

I don't comment very often because I'm not as articulate as I used to be and I tend to put my foot in it. It's because I developed Parkinson's (PD) a few years ago and it scrambles my brain a bit.
PD is almost certainly caused by toxic shit in the environment, so I take pollution issues very personally. Thanks to Dave for continuing to bring these issues up. Thanks to Dave for 'telling it like it is'. Keep giving 'em hell, Dave.


"I want you to say something today...100% of what?"

Ok. I entered the territory and did the math. As usual, I ended up dividing by zero and quickly found myself among the ghosts of departed quantities; one of whom whispered...

"We are in the thrall of assholes".

Actually, I ran across that sentence early this morning. So far it's my quote of the day.

Also had some fun tracking down The Bear and his paleolithic dietary preferences - thanks Huey.


Dave, hope you have a nice weekend as well.


I'm here - don't give up - even though you're preaching to the choir, these are still words important for those of us who consider ourselves realists.

Rob N. Banks

I've read this blog almost every day since discovering it about a year ago. It's the only one of its kind, at least in English, and I'd hate to see it go.


Read every blog! and pass most of them on to others


Dave, you’re one of the few thinkers that makes any goddamned sense in this world. You awakened me to the lies we’re force-fed on a daily basis from the government, media, corporations, academia, blogosphere—all the high priests of limitless economic growth and technological wonder. In this Faustian Bargain, we have sacrificed things of real worth—water, soil, frogs, bees, sharks, rhinos, tuna—the biodiversity of the whole planet—for some made-up bullshit, electronic means of exchange. Our descendants(?) will curse us for this…

Keep speaking truth into this dark, fucked-up world.


When I die, I will see the lining of the world.
The other side, beyond bird, mountain, sunset.
The true meaning, ready to be decoded.
What never added up will add Up,
What was incomprehensible will be comprehended.
- And if there is no lining to the world?
If a thrush on a branch is not a sign,
But just a thrush on the branch? If night and day
Make no sense following each other?
And on this earth there is nothing except this earth?
- Even if that is so, there will remain
A word wakened by lips that perish,
A tireless messenger who runs and runs
Through interstellar fields, through the revolving galaxies,
And calls out, protests, screams.
-Czeslaw Milosz


Dave, You do a very important thing for me. You make me think. You stretch my world view. I get what you are trying to say. It has taken some time. But I get it. Cut back writing if you must, take up pottery, buy a motorcycle maybe. But don't stop writing. Thank you for what you offer.

Ray Blaak

I am chiming here. Keep the blog going, I need the anti-dote to the other bullshit I read.

(Although I am not sure I need the background stress and creeping sense of unease that it helps maintain. Being ignorant really is a happier existence.)

Note: I read your blog via an RSS feed. Do your traffic stats pick that up? If not, it could explain some reduced numbers if many readers do the same.


So, riding the inalienable assumption that growth must continue, renewables would have to provide substantially more than 100 Quads to allow the US economy to continue to grow through the century? Well, I'm sure efficiency and productivity and technological innovation will allow us all to live in a world where everybody survives by making apps and lattes while driving their plug-ins to Wal*Mart all the time using much less energy.

Never mind that even this fantasy chart shows reduced share for coal, oil and gas by 2035. Never mind that the difference is supposed to be made up of other biomass (read, stuff that competes with food) and renewables (read, expensive stuff that requires huge up-front expenditures in a global economy that is barely sputtering along). I'm sure all that renewable infrastructure won't be energy intensive. I'm sure that the humans will be happy to sacrifice little luxuries, like eating, until technology solves all our minor problems (ocean, climate, resource depletion, etc.). No doubt, by 2100, we will be living in a green world.

Or not.


If Wolf was an atheist and made an ignorant comment about a Christian tornado survivor, the earth would nearly split asunder from the moral outrage and indignation; he might even get the ax. Yet as it stands, nothing will happen and biased bigotry such as this will continue on in the major networks.

I adore your blog, Dave. I've become somewhat of a regular reader after reading your post on Schopenhauer, my favorite philosopher. I liken your general sense of understanding, outlook, and humor to his and so have greatly enjoyed many of the posts here.


I am a lurker and do appreciate your point of view, so for me better you don't quit.

Mike Roberts

In a sense, you're preaching to the converted but I must say that your commentary can surprise and educate every day. You can see the BS where most of us can't, even though we have a fairly high level of awareness of our predicament and what isn't going to make it better.

I'd certainly miss this blog, if it didn't continue, though I can understand the frustration you must feel. If you did stop, I'd be looking out for guest posts and articles, whenever I can.


Although I was away for a few months, this blog serves as a balm for my troubled spirit. You were correct in stating that there is no comparable alternative should this one disappear. I have often marveled at your ability to keep posting almost daily. Of course, there's plenty of material for you to comment on, since there is an endless, daily stream of mixed-up simian bullshit all around us.

One of the great strengths of your work is that it covers so many seemingly disparate topics, yet you are able to relate it all to the larger theme of the whole. Economic, environmental, psychological...

Re: the chart, you may not have heard, but amazing technological solutions will enable us to solve all our problems. Get with the program, buddy.
(Donated a year or two ago when I had a job)!


I read everything you write and hope you keep up the noble task.


DOTE will be sorely missed if you choose to stop writing, Dave Cohen. Would occasional posts when the urge moves you be a more manageable approach?

The cruel irony of the sort of worldview you and your readers hold is that only the "converted" are capable of, and willing to, hear it being set out in the detail that you do so thoroughly.

The truth hurts. Most aren't inured to it and never will be.

Julian Bond

Congrats for keeping going from across the pond. I read every post in the UK and occasionally comment. Please keep at it, if you feel able.



I'm here, and I read your writing every day.

Just so you know.



Dave, I've been reading your blog for several years now. I also happen to be a fellow Pittsburgher and so am happy to see there's someone else in the city looking w/o blinking. Honestly, I have often marveled as to how you (and other commentators such as James Kunstler) can keep going. I say this because I think there is a natural progression - George Carlin is a perfect example - to finally divest yourself of the sheer idiocy of our species, knowing full well what the eventual outcome must be, if not the exact mechanism or timing. Maybe this is Acceptance in a Kubler-Ross sense. It's probably why, while I used to read every book I could find on the subject for several years after realizing the truth about peak oil, anthropogenic climate change, and population overshoot, now I am less interested in doing so. Perhaps you should take solace in the possibility that you have helped to move your readers outside the bubble, but the trouble is at some point they (and I'd assume you as well) no longer want to dwell on the train wreck ahead. Its all evolution - always has been, always will be. Species come and species go.

Dave, you've done a fine job and I'll keep checking back with what your thinking as long as you choose to post, there is electricity, an internet, food and warmth, and we're both still around. Thanks...


There are fewer places I can bear to read, everyday it seems more go dark, makes it lonely.


Well, I commented Dave but somehow it never made it to the published comments...

step back


It's not Blitzer's fault.
He has no free will (for example to think for himself).
So don't "blame" him on his own.
He had no choice (free will) as to being born or not born.
None of us did.
He had no choice (no free will) as to his parents & genes would be or as to the culture he would be grown up under. (None of us did.)

It is only by freak accident that some people start becoming more sapient than the norm of the Idiocracy in which they live. Your frustration is probably the result of you being one of those abnormal people. And you would desperately like to know you are not alone. OK. You're not alone. Then again, the density in population of people like you (those who are more aware, more sapient) is low and likely to be growing lower in the future. So deal with it. Accept it and move on.

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