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Mike M.

I'm here every day, Dave, and with a new sense of urgency now that I understand your struggle. I'll do my best to participate.


Dave, I'm a regular reader. Sorry, not much of a poster here or at any blog or forum. But I do read to get your perspective on the Decline of the Empire. Appreciate your writing, don't stop.

William Sorlien


I read every day, pal. I enjoyed the fallout from the crash of '08 with a sense of the inevitable, recovering from a near fatal illness, already schnookered by the crony-capitalist system over the previous decade. I've just fought my way back, played the system, broke some "rules", primarily for my family's survival and a sense of self-worth.

I'm not a doomer or a wingnut - I've actually become more tolerant through the experience. I enjoy your posts for the insight and knowledge I gain.

Hang tough, buddy.


G. Shon

Hi Dave: I have been reading your blog on a daily basis for several years. Most of the time I am affected strongly by the matters that you cover but the fact is I feel that I have little to contribute beyond my stunned acknowledgement to the world that IS. I have spent most of my life trying to figure out what is going on and why and to that extent, I have gained greatly from your viewpoint as expressed in the DOTE. It is truly meat close to the bone. I share with you many of your conclusions regarding the state of the world, our common human condition and the likely outcomes. Be that as it may, I also find solace on a daily basis in the remaining natural splendor in the world and a few of my interactions with folks in my neighborhood. That’s as good as it gets and I’ll take it. Maybe something like that can help sustain you when you get low. Thanks for all you’ve done.

Jonas from the netherlands

dear dave
i have been following your blog for a couple of years now , never commented though .
first , i didn't think the supjects at hand are up for discussion.
i mean , it's not the left vs right kind of thing , right ?
second , i'm from the netherlands , and not that confident writing in english .
just keep 'em coming , will you please ?
thanks !



I really think you are all too concerned about the number of readers. If only one person reads your blog and gets something out of it, you have done your job.

I say this from personal experience for over the last 30 years I have been working in an area, the future of humanity, for which few what to hear about the profound changes humanity is going to experience. It is going to be much more than what is generally supposed and goes to the core of what has made us, and will make us, human in the future.



Dave Cohen


Do you want to know what makes you human?

It's that you want to tell me what I should and shouldn't be concerned about.

Thanks a lot for that. I can't get enough of that kind of judgmental bullshit.

That's why I love humankind.

-- Dave

Malcolm Kettering

I agree with most of the readers above about commenting. Generally your posts are complete in a way that doesn't leave a lot of room for commenting beyond "holy shit" or "no shit" or "uh huh". And that's a compliment!

In addition, it isn't the most comment-friendly blog that I've come across. A few times I've started to write something and then stopped, thinking to myself "is that just going to get me banned or ridiculed?" so maybe others are a little hesitant to comment as well.

As far as sharing goes, I think you summed that up already. Virtually no one out there wants to change their thinking and accept this reality, even very intelligent people will eventually proclaim "ignorance is bliss!" when faced with what's REALLY going on. There's just a rare breed of people like us who are SO TIRED OF THE BULLSHIT AND LIES that we actually want it to change, even at the risk of losing our sacred "lifestyle" here in America.

Please don't stop writing. You're about the only blog left that I read from those heady days of 2005 - 2009.


And that's why I love Dave Cohen.

"I burn down your cities-how blind you must be
I take from you your children and you say how blessed are we
You all must be crazy to put your faith in me
That's why I love mankind
You really need me
That's why I love mankind"


Same as it...aw, fuck



Thank you for your work, and for providing a moment of epiphany for me when I started to grasp that humans are an animal species, so what you see is what you get, and human behavior in the past is a reliable guide for the present and future.

As we go forward, and the natural world continues to degrade because of systemic, long-term trends composed of trillions of individual human decisions, I think the most common human thought pattern in regards to that degradation will be:

1. Denial
2. Cherry-pick data to support that denial
3. Tacitly move the goalposts
4. Repeat steps 1-3

So it goes...

J. Drew

Hey Dave, Haven't been commenting much lately. I Haven't had anything to say that I thought was worth the effort of deciphering those words you have to type in to prove you're not a robot. I'll try to say something more often.


I'm reading every day, but not sure if it really healthy. Most of the time, I just want to kill myself after reading the latest installment of mankinds pathetic, continued fuckups. But like clockwork, I check in the next day at the same time for more of the same. Same thing with SAR.

Dave Cohen


Re: it isn't the most comment-friendly blog that I've come across

That's right -- it isn't.

You should be alright, though, as long as you don't go around like that "John" fellow dropping little stink bombs like "If only one person reads your blog and gets something out of it, you have done your job."

My job? I'm sixty fucking years old. I need this dickhead to tell me whether or not I'm doing my job?

-- Dave

Mark H. Burnham


Have followed your blog a long time and greatly appreciate your connecting so many of the dots. Even though the resulting picture is seldom pretty. As a former Pittsburgher I am usually impressed by your realism and insight. Please continue documenting our devolution.

I've only commented here once before. Generally my reaction to one of your posts is a mixture of outrage and depression. My opinion of humanity has changed so much since 2007, I guess I used to be an optimist, that I really don't know what to say. What can you say in the face of terracide?


I feel your pain, at least insofar as I know that it is not encouraging to spend hours working on a blog post (for me, usually days) and to have no comment whatsoever or only a few dozen readers.

For me, blogging is about clarifying and expressing my thoughts, and of course, intelligent feedback helps. But, I don’t take a lack of response personally.

Rather, I think that a lack of response just reflects the trend for people having less and less time available for reflection, thought and discussion as they try and maintain their position on the “downward spiral,” before being flung off.

Perhaps my blog is too doomerish or wingnutish to attract the right people, and, I don’t know if you receive traffic from my blog, but, I have been linking to you for the last few years.

Like you, I still link to “Bill Hick’s” “Downward Spiral” and still get traffic from that source, even though his blog has been dead for the last six months.


dave, i read your posts, or at least part of all of them, & often email them to others...have for a long time, as i was following you when only a few were...

but i'm not even part of the traffic you're watching, cause i'm reading you on my google reader, which has email capabilities...of course, google's pulling support for that July 1, but hopefully i'll have another reader set up by then...

as far as commenting goes, i rarely comment anywhere when i agree, and when i disagree with you i usually hold my tongue, cause my experience with disagreeing here tells me i'm more likely to be met with abuse than fair counterpoints...& if someone like myself, who almost daily takes on the likes of the American Enterprise Institute and the Wall Street Journal in comments, holds back on challenging you, i can only guess others are likely even more reluctant..

Tenney Naumer

Dave, I post other people's work on my blog -- climate science and policy for the advanced layperson. I have posted over 6,800 articles.

Has the world gotten any better? To the contrary.

Do I feel like quitting? Sure do.

Is continuing unhealthy? Perhaps.

But your stuff is good and original. So, I hope you keep it up.

Andrew Kirk

Wow, that Newman guy has a lot of teeth!


Well Dave, a lot of people who might otherwise be scanning the web today are out supporting the troops instead - or maybe just drinking beer since they don't have to be back to work until Tuesday. But a few of us have checked in to see how you're doing and wish you well. I agree with the commentor who still gets some solace from the natural world that surrounds us. Best regards


So, yesterday we had the Monsanto marches with several million people in 400+ cities across the world. One of my "hobbies" is to watch the mainstream media, and I'll just say I must either be inured to pain or a masochist. Anyway, on the following major sites (CNN, Fox News, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, and USA Today), only ABC News and USA Today had one sub-headline each for the marches. All the others completely ignored it, even though many have 100+ article or advertisement links on their main pages. Articles such as "Adorable 2-year-old Sings Pearl Jam" were apparently more newsworthy.

The world is such pure hokum that it takes either someone completely compromised by it, too busy or stressed for other reasons, or too stupid to not see it (unfortunately, this is the vast majority). But, not to fear! The internets has the solution - a virtually unlimited number of sites fully willing to spin their own insane theories or sell you a solution. You can read about the Great NWO plot, or learn about the Lizard Men, or read about how all plant life will become denatured in 2-3 decades. You can read about bomb shelters and canned food and ammo. Or you can learn about the upcoming Rapture. You can invest in gold, too.

Man is mad, and it's a deep madness. Occasionally, but all too rarely, can there be found a speaker that somehow, despite all odds, is not mad. Perhaps not every sentence or phrase they use is 100% agreed upon, and perhaps they can occasionally reveal a short temper to the madness, but what they have to say isn't something easily or widely found, and virtually everything they have to say rings true.

These places are the only "hopeful" thing to me. If I just read the mainstream media, I'd be a basket case. And if I only read the Doomer sites, I'd be a guy with a buck knife in my teeth looking out the front window every 30 seconds.

I can't really express what I think about these rare watering holes in the vast desert, except thank you, and thank you again.


Comment posted, must have gone to spam. There were a lot of catchphrases in it, ha ha.

Helicopter Cheese

Dave - I suggested to you earlier that you should write a book. I got no response. So the no-response thing is a two-way street also.

Seriously, why not consider it? You're an excellent prose artist, you've got a pretty unique viewpoint, you've got a huge back catalogue of your own writing. Why not do it?


Ouch, I'm one of the same 5-6 people who comment most days. With your writings, you make me laugh, you make me cry, you make me think, you make me sigh. (Jeez, accidental poetry.) Rather than read and walk on, I always try to add something to the debate, just so you know you've reached a comrade over here. Maybe all your visitors who regularly read but rarely comment could make themselves known more often, making it more worth your while to post your daily DOTEings.

As several have mentioned, it's hard to share your realism with people I know. Most yawn, grimace or turn ashen white and go mute if I bring up anything I have learned here. If DOTE disappeared, I don't know how else I would find a use for my grey matter. (Yes, normal life is that dull in the DisUnited Kingdom.)


Hi Dave,
I subscribed to your RSS feed about a year ago and have read everything you've written since. This is my first comment here. I just wanted to let you know that your effort is much appreciated. I laugh a lot reading your blog.
Thanks, Juan Pueblo


Hi Dave, I kept honeybees for years, quit as my back got older and the mites appeared. The idea that hive collapse is from feeding high fructose corn syrup is much more plausible than the pesticide conviction. Nobody sprays the blossoms. They spray the young fruit when the bees are long gone. We have many fruit trees at our home, mostly visited by the orchard mason bee, and hundreds of other wild bees. Thanks for posting that item, and all the hundreds of other items.



I read your articles as fast as you can post them. I am just not normally someone who responds. I obviously should rethink that. I actually resend alot of your articles to friends whether they like it or not. You have introduced me to alot of great music along the line also.

This is the only blog i read. And just not on a regular basis. Period! All the other's are mainly fluff and yours is the only one that is not only well thought out, researched extensively well, you make me laugh out loud alot of the time with your comments. i am sorry to hear this article and lack of participation by your followers. My apologies. I hope you continue to publish your articles and comments. It gives me something to look forward to in my pretty mundane life.

Claudia Resch

I'm also a daily reader for at least a year - but not much of a poster. Don't stop because where else am I going to get information on the oceans and climate change and cognitive dissonance...

Geoff Perth Western Australia

Hello Dave,

I have read each post you have written since early 2011.

You are one of the few bloggers capable of telling it how it really is.

Australia is following the goose-step in accordance with the mantra of the political 'elite' in the US, I suspect the sheeple here are just as ignorant as those in the wider world.

Love your work, please keep it up.
Cheers, Geoff

Mike Roberts

I've been following your work for years. I loved your ASPO posts, which only happened once a week (I think - my memory isn't great on things like that). This blog has a distinctly different style but getting a post a day was great (in a funny sort of way, considering what you write about). I'm glad that I can continue to get a fairly unique viewpoint on human idiocy and the appliance of realism. As I've said before, you often raise a point that I would have missed, about a particular story. I chastise myself every time that happens ("why couldn't I see that?") so I'm hoping you hang on in there until I can spot them all.



Please keep up the good work. You are an island of sanity in a sea of bullshit.

Best regards


step back


In the past, when I tried to "say something", it was deleted.
So I stopped saying ...

step back

Hello again Dave,

Just because no one says something, it doesn't mean they didn't read and they didn't have reactions to your writing.

Aside from that; when you write, YOU have reactions to your own writing.

That alone is reason enough to keep writing --even if no one else reads and reacts to that which the hand had writ (before it moves on).


Dave, I'm an occasional reader. Appreciate your viewpoint and the effort you put into preparing/posting it. Oftentimes I get fed up reading so many opinions (mostly uninformed bullshit) on the net and exit the scene for a several months. I long ago bailed on TV for the same reason. Thankless job this blog business. Do it for yourself, your own enjoyment. Don't any longer get any enjoyment in doing it? Fucking can the blog.

Dave Cohen


Re: must have gone into spam

Yes, it did. I just rescued it.

-- Dave

Dave Cohen


Write a book?

Well, that's another thankless option.

I can't convince myself it's worth the effort, and of course I don't have a publisher -- a real one.

Another road to nowhere.

-- Dave



I have been lurking for a while and appreciate your dose of sanity. Keep up the good work.


Dave, if you woke up omnipotent tomorrow, what policies would you proscribe to 'fix' everything without causing chaos?



Your site is one of the few that a regularly make time to read in a very busy schedule.

While I don't always agree with your posts, most of the time you are dead-on and one of the few antidotes to a world mostly comprised of fools or fanatics.

I appreciate your efforts, as well as your music taste. Your blog provides a valuable service and I hope you continue to maintain it.


Hi Dave,

I read most of what you write, though I've only commented maybe a couple of times in the last few years. You give a perspective on things that's hard to find elsewhere, which I value. I hope you keep writing.


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