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J. Drew

Well, if the majority opinion of the Court of Appeals is that DNA is a chemical, not an information medium (because obviously it couldn't be both, right?), who are we to argue?


What is this thing called "Nature" anyway?

"Nature is the featureless remainder at either end of the process of production. Either it's exploitable stuff, or value-added stuff. Whatever: it's basically featureless, abstract, gray." Timothy Morton


"Gray Goo"


And when they finish extracting the last dollar from us just for the joyous privilege of eating, shitting and otherwise utilizing our genetic material via fluid exchanges, they can always sell their grandmothers into the food chain, joining the ex-racehorses that end up in McBurgers. Waste not want not.


... yeesh, this is out of Minority Report or something.


This 'debate' has nothing to do with justice, nature, truth and actual scientific realities. This has everything to do with power and how much the powerful can get away with.
We all know that the powerful can get away with anything as long as they are powerful enough. The people behind this latest disgrace are powerful enough to get away with this one too, make no mistake about that.
What's left for them to plunder, I wonder?

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