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Here are a couple more visual "simplicity" aids - the second one is amazing...haven't found it in any other format and, so far, can't figure out how to view in slow-motion...





"In just a few decades" the video says. For any of these predictions to be accurate, the rate of melting has to decrease. There are many factors that might contribute to accelerated melting, but I can't think of anything that would lead to slowing of melting. I'm no climate scientist, though. We probably need to double their funding if we want a more accurate prediction.

Alexander Ač

Well, thanks to climate scientists we can at least *talk* about (global) carbon emission reductions, though it is more or less useless - or so it seems most of the time to me.

We can pretend we care about the future, and we can pretend we are inteligent and responsible species. Thanks to climate scientists we can pretend we are humans. For that they deserve credit.

Dave S. Nottear

Maybe part of the problem is the word "model." It means different things to different people.

Scientists usually talk about thier "Working model" - a model still under development, or "in the works." It is usually the best answer/explanation currently available. We know there are gaps in the model - we need more data, we need more accurate data, and we need more precise data. It's analogous to focusing a micro/tele-scope to get a clear picture. It is a process, it requires time and resources ($$) (no candy-ass answers from unicorns please).

Two problems come to mind:

1. Sometimes we gaze at our navel too long - i.e. some in ivory towers are lulled into complacency staring at their navel/data (but most, and the best, are more likely not like this - most are busy changing their underpants immediately after looking at their data and before appearing in public as a "professional").

2. "Sometimes you have to make your decision with only 60% of the information you think you need - if you wait for 100% confirmation, it's likely to late..."

paraphrase of General/Sec. of State, Colin Powell


I left research and am now leaving teaching because I am tired of working with desperate people distracted to death by their trivial daily industrial rituals (this includes fellow scientists as well as those teaching science at most institutions - all IMHO).

red admiral

ha check the timestamp, Romm on Francis today:

I'm from Pittsburgh too but I live in NYC now. Ever read Virginia Woolf's The Death of the Moth?

I remember now. This doesn't fit your 'brand image.' Thats fine really I don't mind. These subjects are not so esoteric and many amongst us maintain well informed opinions. Mine is that the world temperature plot from the holocene to the end of the century draws a scythe fit for Death himself. Mass Extinction means everything dies and what doesn't barely pulls through. I wager you're a fairly large mammal yourself ;) 'O yes, he seemed to say, death is stronger than I am.

Hey you could put your own spin on it, but I'd love to see your thoughts on the mass animal deaths we have going on just around the US. I mean we have record sea lions on the Pacific, Dolphins in the Gulf, and Manatees in Florida.

recently saw this on the plastic-choked albatross in Midway, definitely worth a watch:

I brought back a piece of coral from Taiwan. Not the ones they advertise as 'Taiwan's Red Gem' at the airport, but one that had formed on the cap of a squished plastic bottle until reaching the size of a baseball, washed up on the beach long dead. While afloat it must have been a whole ecosystem, amazing resilience.

keep up the great work Dave! I enjoy your blog.


thanks red admiral for virginia wolf's essay - good read

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