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Adam Noel

I'll watch the TED talks if I have the chance later today but usually I turn them off out of disgust. Why is it that all conversations about the human future assume with the discussion of more? Why is more assumed to be the same as human happiness? Do these people really think if only we buy some more shit so we can throw some more shit in the ocean we'll finally reach a state of nirvana?

If only we race with the machines, right? That's what they'll tell me. I just need to become more dependent on this horrible society... have my job further automated and do increasingly disempowered work. I just need to jump in my SUV in the morning, drive 20 kilometers, sit in an office and dying from inactivity.

This is progress, right? If it isn't progress then there's something horribly wrong with society. If all this shit we've accomplished has made us, in all likelihood, misreable... no, we can't think about that... right? This must be good. This is the only good possible.

All our conversations are framed around the notion of progress.

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