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Julian Bond

I have trouble expressing this in a way that people understand. It puzzles me that the usual response to this once people recognise the problem is to bash the rich. That I think opens up an argument that the view is driven by envy and the unfairness of it all. Perhaps that is justified since it's fairly clear that the rich and successful skew the rules of the game to keep themselves rich and successful.

But I can't help thinking though that the problem is at the opposite end. It's the poor with the real problem and it's them we should be trying to help. This is apparently awkward in the USA because most practical ways of helping the poor look like socialism and that's a dirty word. There's a whole set of language and thinking wrapped up in that. Along with a frankly religious belief that the free market will raise all boats and some how solve the problems of the poor by some mystical process called "trickle down" or "economic growth".

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