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Mr. Roboto

Why participate in a system which is fixed against you?

A friend of mine who doesn't have a college degree and who has been negotiating the minefield of "real jobs" (administrative office work) all her working life has told me a lot about how the world of employment and job-searching works. Probably because the pool of available jobs in always shrinking, the system really is designed to screen out as many people as possible for any conceivable reason. And if you've been unemployed for "too long", you can kiss your employability goodbye after a certain point.

This friend is currently job-searching so far fruitlessly, and I'm pretty worried about her. Some vindictive bitch of a recruiter even called her on the telephone only to tell her that the fact that she's been unemployed for six months must mean she's hiding something and that she should count on never being able to find a job! (Wow, mommy-and-daddy-issues much?) It probably doesn't help that my friend is fast approaching her fifties, at which point it becomes exponentially more difficult to get hired anywhere outside the world of survival-jobs.

Also, a lot of working-class people at the grocery store where I work are counting on improving their employment prospects at those bucket-shop vocational colleges one sees advertised on daytime television programming. I don't have the heart to tell them that those schools are a rip-off and they'll probably be working at the grocery store for as long they're fortunate enough to be able to have a job.

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