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Alexander Ač

Thanks Dave.

Now this begs the question, why there are any realists AT ALL, when nobody needs (reads, hears, follows) them? I think it might be a kind of "genetic deviation", even though other deviations are much more common in human population.

Dommers are well known from the past and their much smaller number might in a way "counter-balance" the optimists. So if you make "average" of those two groups, one might be close to the group of realists. Which of course is irreletant, because neither of the group has any or little relevant knowledge of the surrounding world.

It seems to me that being Realist is one of the most difficult tasks during the whole life. Task, that only few people can actually (try to) accomplish. Even less people can actually write about it and stand the attacks of both groups... :-/ DOTE is maybe *Endemite*.


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