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Mr. Roboto

The main thing that's promising about this discovery is that it provides a means of storing energy from intermittent sources such as wind and solar. Though I also tend to be skeptical that this means we should count on some kind of large-scale alternative-energy build-out.


I'd say a fair number of [Doomers] see the same end result as you do in environmental degradation and perhaps "wish" for a sudden end to industrial civilization as a deus ex machina type event. Yes, many would die as a result of a sudden end to industrial civilization. But then many more would die as a result of the trends in environmental degradation we're also seeing.

... the flip side of viewing these problems is the techno-optimist side in which any "nifty" technological breakthrough is also treated as a deus ex machina event. Suddenly, all our problems are over. We solved it all, we're just so danged smart.

Dr. Zhang's VT page is interesting:

The hydrogen economy is just the start for what he wants to do. He also wants to solve all the world's food problems, make biodegradable plastic, and figure out a way to surpass the natural limits of photosynthesis - amplifying its efficiency by a significant magnitude. He's not an unambitious guy.

I refuse to take the "Doomer" bait today. But your comment has merit, so I'll include it. g-minor's comment and my response have been deleted -- Dave

Dave Cohen

If people can't stick to the main points of my post today when making comments, then don't say a fucking word.

I'm not in good mood today, and won't be putting up with any human horseshit.

Perhaps some of you sometimes forget that, generally speaking, I don't like people. That is due to my great familiarity with how humans "think" and behave, as expressed on this blog.

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-- Dave


As an unfortunate non-scientist, I can't quite grasp the EROEI upside of Sir Percival's process. But I do detect poetic justice here, vis a vis Zhang's method can be performed using any source of biomass.

To the layperson, this means the entire operation can be run on bullshit.

That should make it attractive to the O'Bama Maladministration.

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