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If only the rising middle class in China and elsewhere would develop a penchant for rusty unused ICBMs stockpiled in Russia and the US, inspiring another backdoor trade. Hopefully the new owners would wonder what that priming panel is - and press a few buttons at random.

Can't wait for your piece on the utter stupidity of my sad-sack species.


Pretty soon we'll all be a whole lot poorer. Will that save Earth's megafauna?

I shouldn't wish my life away but I can't wait to read tomorrow's post.


Along Clyde's line....will China asphyxiate itself or run out of farmland before everyone has an ivory doodad or a sharkfin in every pot. Euthanasia in Asia that's the ticket.


Some time back I read a report from Mongolia of two ladies of the female persuasion hacking each other with machetes over the last piece of firewood for tonights cooking. Pretty much puts it all in perspective. You cannot prepare. Get a bigger machete maybe.


I guess raw economic development isn't the solution to raping the planet after all. It just ... well ... rapes the planet. Only faster.

Ryan Brooks

This is just so god damn disgusting.


And we continue to breed breed breed...like fucking roaches...

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