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“We are as gods and might as well get good at it."
Stewart Brand 1968

"We will get woolly mammoths back"
Stewart Brand 2013

Merry pranks forever...oh, yeah

Dave Cohen

Well, I didn't want to make the ad hominem argument.

Contrary to popular opinion, most things are guaranteed in life. One of them is --

Stewart Brand will die without a clue.

-- Dave

J. Drew

I love quotes like that one the politician gave about keeping spotted owls in captivity as "insurance" (against an eventuality he doesn't give a fuck about). Really give you a clear picture of what's going on behind their beady little Eyes.


In short, we want to replace these species because it makes humans feel good. But, we wiped out these species as either direct or indirect effects of making humans feel good.


The more I think about it, the more this is like all the other techno iCrap that consumes modern human activity... it's iEarth!... you play the game until you kill all the stuff at this level, then you move to the next level, which reintroduces all the stuff you killed so you can kill it again.

What fun! Perhaps in the future we'll be able to simply download new (or old) species from iTunes directly to our iEarth game, and them hunt them down and wipe them out (again and again and again...) using a cell-phone based mobile version of Google Earth connected to personal drones!


and let's not forget George Church's plans to recreate Neanderthals.



What's extra hilarious about the Arabian Oryx example is that, at least according to the site linked, it's not just that the environment can't support them (though degredation was listed as a problem), but that they are being poached out of existence! That pretty much sums up why there is no point in respawning (I think the video game terminology fits here) extinct species. The human hunters will just go to the respawn points and rack up some more kills of rare animals!

Oh, and Oman decided they liked oil development more than nature and reduced the sanctuary by 90% too. Not that it was much of a sanctuary when all the oryx were being shot.


I used to be embarrased to admit that I am an American (I now live in Poland). But now, I'm just embarrased/ashamed of being a member of this current version of the human species. I try to spend as much time as possible outdoors enjoying the little things. Hopefully the storks will come back again this year. I have to go out farther and farther every year to find a single moose.

Adam Noel

"Why worry about endangered species? We can simply keep their DNA and put them back in the wild later."

The sheer arrogance of such a statement is amazing. There's been problems observed with cloned animals and they will likely need to be raised in a controlled environment. We have no idea how easy "de-extinction" would be so were just going to go on killing everything in sight and hope we can solve this in the future?

We're just that stupid..

Mike Roberts

Excellent post (if depressing). This story actually appeared on our "news" programme and I thought, if we're destroying the habitat of the creatures (plants don't get a mention) we plan to resurrect, where will we put them? Crazy humans. Crazy, crazy humans.

Sheila Chambers

Before we can bring back any extinct animals, we must first get rid of a few billion humans. We so dominate the world that there is no place left for wildlife live, we sprawl over every habitat. Since we won't control our excessive breeding, we will have to let "nature" do it for us with famine, disease, starvation and wars for the last remaining crumbs of resources. Once the survivors are back in balance with the ecosystem, there will be room for wildlife again.


I've got nothing to add except a small plea.
When I am extinct, please please lab wizards - do NOT bring me back.

Alexander Ač


I would go even further than this:

"Well, quite clearly, humans don't give a damn about future generations."

We even do not give a damn about current generation. But I am sure everybody here knows that well...


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