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It's out of His hands now Dave.
If we are fit-for-purpose then Homo sapiens will continue on. If not, then we will become extinct. Along with many other species, granted, but, that's Life I guess.
We will do what we do because that's what we are. Where that takes us will become apparent in time.
No-one can sustain the unsustainable. Not even Him.


Humans play God, seeing themselves as made in the likeness of God and all. But we don't know all the rules.


Sorry, Dave...you can expect an auto-response

"If you're looking for someone
To pull you out of that ditch
You're out of luck, you're out of luck"


But wait, victory might be at hand...


Jesus weeps on...

Julian Bond

Did She reply? And was the reply "Work it out!"

I think we should add one to "never eat anything bigger than your head". "Never eat anything where the basic foodstuff is trademarked"

Adam Noel

Sometimes I think about all this and am re-assured of the absolute fatalism I feel about humans and modern society. Knowledge doesn't make us wise or humble. Knowledge just makes us proud and arrogant.


I hope you get a reply. I wrote to God in a similar vein a while back and my letter was returned with the following hand-scrawled note on the envelope:

[I'm crossed out] God is offline at present and won't be taking questions til further notice

When I enquired of His representative on Earth, I was informed that He is resting in an Elysian Sanatorium, considering His future options. I was told in no uncertain terms NEVER EVER mention the phrase "created in His Image" to avoid a complete emotional breakdown 'upstairs'.

Dave Cohen


The spirit of your comment matches the spirit of the post, and for that I am truly grateful.

-- Dave

Ken Barrows

I am not religious. What do I want? Growth! When do I want it? Now!

If I were religious, well, the Rapture is soon, isn't it?


Claire Hope Cummings: New Worries for the World’s Water
"Researchers in China have found recombinant drug resistant DNA, molecules that are part of the manufacturing of genetically modified organisms, in every river they tested."


Dave you really need to chill...no worries you are a man who believes we are a random act of the cosmos evolving from sub organic slime & the very fact that I am even responding to your article is just some random 1 in a quadrillion happenstance that is derived by & in some cosmic random sort of way. You will die like a dog & enter into eternity never to be heard of again, so why the messianic complex who cares what happens??? Oh yes you want to be counted as 1 of the few who dared to fight for your species survival...how noble.Nothing will matter in a hundred, 2 hundred, a thousand, or a quintillion years...right.

Mike Roberts

Hah! Well, you really needn't have written the letter, since God is omnipotent and would have known what you wanted to say. Heck, you wouldn't even have needed to think about writing it or think about the subject of the letter at all, since God would have known about the situation, completely. Not only that, He would have know what creating those humans would have resulted in when He created them. Damn, that's one crazy God; I think we should have a new one. He/She/It certainly couldn't do any worse that the current one.


I tweeted this blog post to God, no response.

sheila chambers

Man has always created the gods in his image.

Now man has gone further by trying to become the god he made. Some people are so dumb that they actually believe that the gods are real!

Those "gods" has been very useful to those in power by keeping the masses quiet and believing they will get their pie in the sky when they die.

We will of course eventually discover that we will die off like any other animal that overshoots it's carrying capacity and prayer will not get him out of a mess of his own making.

We are as dumb as yeast in a petri dish.

ralph m

There seem to be two different conceptions of God:
Transcendent...like the God of western religion that makes a world, fills it with people and says look after it till I come back.

Immanent...the God of pantheistic religions who is part of creation itself. The attractive feature of pantheism to moderns concerned about the environment is that there is no separation between the sacred and the material. So a pantheist would always have to be aware of how he is using nature.

About a year ago, I picked up a book: Requiem For A Species by Australian ecologist - Clive Hamilton. Hamilton takes a pretty blunt and unvarnished look at what the future likely holds, and doesn't provide the kneejerk hopefulness that most environment writers like Bill McKibben or James Hansen seem to feel is essential.

What's relevant to this discussion is that in Hamilton's presentation of James Lovelock's Gaia Theory, he is a little critical of Lovelock's efforts to distance himself and his theory that the biota of planet earth try to optimize earth systems for their collective benefit, would mean in any way that the Earth, or Earth's biosphere should be considered as a conscious organism....i.e. an earth goddess.

To Hamilton, it might be dishonest or disingenuous to use Gaia to encourage the growth of pantheistic, treehugging religion, but without some sort of religious reverence for an earth goddess, it's less likely that cold, rational cost/benefit analysis will motivate the human race to live sustainably in the natural environment.


AAARRRGGHHH, it's all His fault anyway!!

The Big Guy

I don't see the problem. My chosen people are the pine beetles.

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