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Adam Noel

Theres something im curious about in regards to our cluelessness. Traditionally it seems socieities always created narratives or belief systems that amplify our flawed nature as a means to temper it. The enlightenment and the notion of progress dispelled this mythology unleashing the full range of wild human optimism and belief in perfectability. People always say that the religious placed themselves at the centre of the universe but they also regarded humans as deeply flawed immoral creatures.

Pretty much all current events affirm my belief that the enlightenment and our current cult of reason is the root of our declining situation. The belief in reason over tradition, novelty over familiarity and growth over stability are all dangerous concepts. Coupled with a notion that we are rational actors and that all is permeable to human inquiry leads to even greater problems.

We may on average be fools but the wisdom of ancestors helped to temper this. It is our belief in our own reason and a lack of wisdom that will bring it all down. Reason demands action while wisdom demands we know when to not. It wouldnt surprise me if rome faced similar problems.

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