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And it's not as if global warming is the only problem we are currently facing. Even if we somehow managed to do something about it, we would still be facing many more existential threats. All of them caused by....well, us.

The very thing that got us to this point is the very thing being touted as the solution. That cannot be. As noted above, we cannot and do not want to solve any of these problems. The outcome is, therefore, inevitable.


The horseshit never went away from the city, it just mutated from the output of equine asses to the output of horses asses known as economists. By my calculation, it is now piled so high it is impossible to see the sky from the top of the Empire State.

Mark Bahner

"They don't want to give up the Industrial Civilization they struggled so mightily to build."

And you think they'll have to?

Here is a post I made relative to an letter by the editors of Technology Review. I'd be interested in your predictions for the year 2050 and 2100 for the parameters in the table I drew up:


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