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Dave, I assume you listened to the second part of that Piano Jazz clip... The duet is amazing. It has some awkward bits as they try to adjust to each other and McPartland tries to imitate Evans - then they both really, really do some amazing things.

I think you probably know about the Tony Bennett/Bill Evans albums, but in any case they are great and deserve a mention in any Bill Evans thread.

One thing I do have to say, I was thinking about what you posted last week, and I don't totally agree. Or rather, I would say there is plenty of very beautiful jazz even in the Free Jazz form, and Miles' quintet with Shorter was extremely fine. It's just that there was no unified style and often the nice stuff is right next or mixed with some noisy or weird stuff. Dave Holland's song 'Conference of the Birds' on the album by the same name is very pretty, for example. But it's not traditional, and other songs from the same album are much less melodic and "pretty".

To me, the modal stuff of the 60s is a lot better than hearing the same sort of Parkerism or Bopism that was overabundant in Jazz in the late 50s.

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