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Good idea Dave - not only to give you an occasional breather but also to confirm what little changes year by year.

This essay on Ignorance is timeless in any case. Those chimps, apart from mocking us, must be mightily sick of being told they share 99% of their DNA with humans.

John D. Wheeler

I agree with Oliver, I really like this idea Dave, especially since I only discovered your blog a few weeks ago. I appreciate this post especially because it helps explain why people are such dumbasses -- myself included far too often. Because although when it come to learning new concepts I am quite different from the average person, heck I am practically a learning junkie, when it comes to learning new behaviors, I am probably worse.


Thanks, Dave. Missed this the first time around - explains my wife's invincible optimism - she never listens to anything that might challenge her views.

John D

All you need to know about the public's blissful ingnorance can be found by going to Yahoo list of top ten web searches. The other day the leading search was "Kate's baby bump".

Brian S.

Hey Dave, just a comment. I usually read you in google reader. Just an f.y.i. Does that count as a page view???? Just making sure I'm counted. I surfed here now through the 'net itself and not through google reader.


Most of the educated world has access to the largest amount of information in the history of man, and use it less than the Greeks or Romans. It does take some thought and intelligence to sort out the Bull Shit from Reality, but if you read enough, it becomes obvious. Oh well,you can lead...

Ray Blaak

As my blog traffic falls off, I am reducing my workload.

Be careful about this kind of thing. Post because you want to, have to, are compelled to say something.

Doing it in response to blog traffic could all too easily be self reinforcing, like a business that responds to a shrinking customer base by downsizing, reducing inventory and all that.

I read your blog for focus well written thinking. It would be sad if this blog goes the way of so many others.

Aboc Zed


Remember you did a fundraiser in the summer using PO Box?

Dave Cohen
P.O. Box 90257
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

My financial troubles began that summer. I know it may not be easy but I thought you might want to post how much you got over that fundraiser.

That way those who think that comparing your blog to a business makes sense will know that you do it because of who you are and that the donations you get do not come close to covering the time you put in to research. write and read the comments.

I think it will remind those that we live in the world that a few $ go much longer way than words in saying "Thank you. I value what you do".

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