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MSC is, like virtually all such labels, a marketing tool. Somebody figured out that people want to feel good when they buy stuff. That is, they don't want to see themselves as part of the problem. That is, they are delusional, and need to be handled with care.

Problem 1... virtually everything companies sell (and that people buy) is prima facie disastrous for the planet. Problem 2... as delusional as people are, they fundamentally do no trust major corporations and won't believe anything they say (well, not much).

Solution... get an "independent" rating agency to "certify" that something is Good, so the great hoard of "consumers" can feel good lying to themselves. This is what is known in Capitalist Society as a Business Opportunity. So, we create an organization, create the label, sell it to the companies (accompanied by "promises" of future change, but with no requirement for actual change), who can then slap it on whatever they sell. Now the public can buy that product, secure in the knowledge that they are Part Of The Solution. Everybody wins.

Except the planet, of course.

And the beat rolls on...

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