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My 'hope' is that the human species will mature at some point after it gets its collective ass handed to it. This, actually, is the backstory behind the Star Trek series - a cataclysm in the 21st century causes the human race to have a complete cultural shift (money systems are abandoned, 'growth' goals center around knowledge and understanding and are group-based instead of individual-based, etc.)

I do think there is some evidence that certain Native American cultures learned these lessons after their own series of collapse events. But humanity's record is spotty at best - the overall story is cyclical (death, rebirth, growth, decay, death).

Whether or not a maturity in human culture (or even just a rebirth after death) is truly an authentic hope remains to be seen. I choose to have faith that it's possible, but I don't have pity on our species if we manage to learn nothing from failure and one day achieve extinction.

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