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I have to admit, these are two of my favorite posts because the touched on ideas very similar to my own in terms of the different types of, or facets to, hope.

I've always thought of it as three variants, hope, false hope, and faith. The first aligns with what you call authentic hope and requires not just wanting but meaningful acting towards a potentially reachable goal. The second describes the situation where people want something to happen, but neither care if they participate or whether the goal is realistic. As you note, this is often dished out in abundance by the media and their masters. The final form, faith, is that belief that something good is going to happen without any effort or action on virtually anybody's part, simply because we believe it will. This belief/hope occurs in spite of a lack or evidence, or even in the presence of contradictory facts.

I'm not sure whether the false hope or faith is the more dangerous. I suppose, in the end, it doesn't matter... both probably take you to the same place.

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