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Aboc Zed


I think part of the cause behind falling reader numbers of DOTE may be accounted by the fact that surviving and continuing "comfortable life" requires investment of more and more time that would come at the expense of "non money making activities".

i can oly speak for myself but I do spend much less time reading blogs and searching for likeminded people on the Internet. That is because I had to look for a job last year and I am going to look for a job again now because my contract expires soon. And on top of that I have to work for another so called "designation" - I already have one from investment management world and now I am doing another one in accounting.

Needless to say all of that requires time.

And I have family to take care of and I have to excersize rtegularly otherwise my RA strikes often and puts everything on hold.

I manage to read DOTE because I like your style and the way you think but I consider it is luxury that can go away any time.

I think a lot of people that found DOTE are in similar circumstances and I would expect that for all sophisticated blogs (those that are not BS that you mentioned in the post) the readership will decline as continuing BAU requires more and more time from "economy slaves" who I consider all of us are.

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