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Aboc Zed


Why call DOTE failure? Even if it is "noble failure"?
Why do you even need to apply those words to what you do out of the fact that you cannot not to it?

You are who you are.

I think you care too much to be silent. But thinking others care as much as you has always made me do things for wrong reasons and left me disappointed with myself and others.

After my first wife left me I learned that the best way is to just do what I like doing regardless of what others think or want me to do. And I also learned that no matter how hard I try to make myself understood if the other person does not care to undestand me it is all a waste of my time and effort. So I no longer engage the people who do not want to listen. If I ever have the audience that is a bonus. And if I am just talking to myself it is good too.

DOTE is one of the three blogs I read regularly. If I were not in a bad shape economically now I would have had it "on subscription" since I read it regularly. Hopefully I get back into the "job world" - then I can put my money were my mouth is.

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