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Dave - As I see it, there are five main groups of people in the Western world today, in relation to the topic of this posting.

1. The upholders of the status quo, which include the plutocracy and their vested-interest lackeys and apologists, including puppet politicians, fantasy economists and the vast hulk of the bought-up mass media.
2. The ignorant, who go about their daily business oblivious to what's happening, largely because of their passive lack of education/awareness or active subservience to Group 1.
3. The doomers, who rush to catastrophism in their 'analysis' of what's going on, and appear to get off on presuming mass extinction is around the corner.
4. The sapient self-aware, who understand the decline for what it is but are witnessing it in ever-increasing numbness that is beyond frustration, intellectually confounded by their inability to do anything of any import to stop or reverse the descent.
5. The sapient self-aware communicators - more than a subset of Group 4 because of their rare talent and stamina in interrogating and reporting on the decline - who are bound to reduce in number as time goes by and emotional weariness and intellectual loneliness set in, resulting in them slipping backwards into Group 4.

Given this classification, you clearly sit in Group 5, and you are noting that a growing number of your fellow "get-it" reporters are falling by the wayside.

All the more reason to keep on keeping on Dave. We in Group 4 will be bereft if the last outpost of sapience goes down, and if the bad guys have full reign on the airwaves and the cybermush-machine.

I empathize with your loneliness and I can guess that most of your visitors feel similarly alienated in their own locations. I certainly do. You may be the last-man-standing at some point, but your voice should never be silenced while there is an internet. We will never know, but there is an outside chance that you will be known by future generations.

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