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Hear hear Dave! Anyone with an ounce of empathy will back your words one hundred per cent.

I would just add the following.

In the expected absence of Obama acting on his "sincerity", I'm guessing that like the last time there was a mass killing, and the time before that, and before that ad nauseum, nothing will interfere with the God-given (!) right of US primitives to retain the weaponry to blast anyone to death because of a minor irritation, petty dispute or little problem regarding lack of empathy.

Obama's crocodile tears were unconvincing to me. This is the man who has codified the extra-judicial murder of anyone deemed to be an enemy of the state, without due process of law. The unrestrained use of assassination by drone has killed many times more kids aged 5-10 than any cowardly basket case carrying Mommie's three guns.

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